Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That Oreo is about to Blow

Part of the problem with my quirky personality is... I get overwhelmed really easily. For example, if my house is a wreck, everything in me says just to sit down and read a book. I know that makes no sense to ANYONE including myself, but... just being honest.

This has carried over to my blogging. When I haven't blogged in awhile, blogging overwhelms me. I feel like I have too much to say... so I say nothing.

Yeah, don't ask questions, just take it for what it's worth... which is nothing.

Anyway, I have to show you what we found on Craigslist tonight. My family is obsessed with finding a dog... which means they must be intent on getting rid of their mother/wife. I have not agreed to this and so I am totally protesting. I have been walking around with a picket sign that says NO DOGS ALLOWED. They pretty much act like they don't see me, but let me just say this, "If mama ain't happy, nobody ain't happy."

Anyway, so the family is looking at dogs on Craigslist and they found the following dog with the following listing. Take caution in viewing this dog. He looks like he swallowed a giant marshmallow. His name is Oreo and I am confident he is going to blow at any minute.

Dog Needs Help (That is the title for the Craiglist posting)

This dog belongs to my mother in law. she has had him since he was a pup. But she does not know how to properly care for him
he looks as if he is a jack russel/chi mix.
she has over fed him since day one, constanly feeding him treats and table scraps
he is extremly over weight
she has never clipped his nails and they are far too over grown and i can tell he is in pain
his name is oreo.
he hasnt been trainned for commands such as sitting, ect
but he is house broke
i talked her into getting rid of him but instead of listening she just went out and got another dog. so now oreo is getting less attention and he has to face the fact that his mom got a new dog and got rid of him
he needs a loving home, somebody that will get him back to his right weight and groom him right
he is black and white
a big attention hog
very good with kids, we have an eighteen month old litle girl that pulls on his ears and everything and he just sits there
he does let you know when somebody is coming by barking
i feel so sorry for him. i have done my best to try explaining to her how to take care of him
my landlord doesnt allow pets or i would put my experience into work.
if we dont find him a home, i am going to have no choice but the pound
im done watching poor oreo suffer.
he is in serious need of a good home.

20 dollar rehoming to cover gas, because i will be willing to deliver.

I know it's sad, but aren't you cracking up? $20 fee... just for gas cause this desperate lady is willing to bring Oreo to whomever. Oh my!