Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top Events of the Holiday Season Part III (and a rabbit trail)

Top Events of the Holiday Season Part 3:

Before I get into all that, I feel like I should address my issues with mines so that you're not wondering what that's all about.

One night when Paul and I were laying in bed, I asked him if he'd heard about the miners in Chile. He said, "Yes, I heard."

I then said, "Well, they're going to be down there for months!"

I paused for a moment and then continued. "I can't even talk about it."

He said, "Well, they are fine. They can communicate with them and get supplies to them."

I was like, "I know! BUT, they're still trapped!!! They can't get out! Some of them are already starting to show signs of trouble. They're having issues with oxygen, they're going to have muscular issues." Panic started to enter my tone. "I'd be so BORING down there. Did you know they've assigned them jobs?

Paul said, "Jobs? Yeah, you over there... you go look for food. And, you... you're in charge of the sleeping arrangements, find some! and... you, you can work on communication and YOU... You..... just... just ... start digging!!!!"

I started laughing hysterically. The "YOU! You... you... start digging!" just got to me.

But, then I got all serious and I said, "Really! I can't talk about this any more. It completely stresses my out and makes me start to panic. Let's not talk about it anymore. Seriously, I can't even think about."

Paul was just lying there and I know he was desperately trying to figure out what to do with me. And so he stopped me in the middle of my panic and said. "April? April! Are you going into a mine any time soon? I mean, is there something you need to tell me?"

I could not stop laughing. I do that kind of thing all the time. I get completely stressed about about things that have nothing to do with me. Recently, I had a hard time watching House Hunters International because this young girl was moving to Abu Dhabi to teach. She didn't know a soul. The thought of moving to the middle east makes me want to die.

Paul, exasperated, just said, "You know, for me it's slasher films... Michael Myers, Jason. They really get to me and stress me out. For you, it's House Hunters International."

Again, died laughing!
It's true. How quirky is that?

Total rabbit trail!

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Cookie and Ornament Making:
A couple of days before Christmas we had our Second Annual Cookie decorating/Ornament making day with Janae and her girls. Basically, I was a total loser and did nothing in preparation for the event. I tried to make sugar cookies with my kids the night before, but a salt lick would have tasted exactly the same. It was so late I didn't have time to make anymore. Janae also got all the supplies for the ornament and had it prepared. We made little wreaths with silver bells and red bows. They were so cute. They cookies... not so much. I don't know who makes them for the magazines, but my kids cookies always look like a train wreck! They're awful!

Janae and I also had gifts for each other. She tried to tell me that we got each other the same thing. I argued with her for days. "No we didn't!"

She would argue back, "Yes! Yes we did!"

Guess what?

We got each other the same thing.

We both bough each other Brian Regan DVD's. But, the good news is... between us... we have them all!


Jeni said...

I enjoyed your story about the miners. I do that too sometimes and it is always when I am laying in bed thinking. Drives Jeremy nuts. He pretends to fall asleep, but I know he's faking so he doesn't have to listen.
I am glad you are blogging again.

Debbie Sauer said...

Love the pictures! Happy New Year. Blessings

Jenney said...

You are really funny. I just read all three a row. Cause my computer has been a real pain this Christmas/New Year's.
I am so glad you were blessed with new washer/dryers. We got a 4 year old set of Whirlpool uprights for $200 this year. I cannot believe how much time it saves-especially since we cloth diaper.
Your new pictures are wonderful. I love the matching coats. I was so tempted to buy Hannah a little pea coat for next year, but she grows so erratically I couldn't justify the cost for something that may fit her in the summer.

Jenney said...

And by that I did not mean you spent too much on a coat. That didn't sound right. I meant Hannah is an infant, therefore too small to wear a coat like that, and I have no idea what size she'll need next year being that she still fits in many 3-6 month outfits at 9 months old. I feel like I may have written that first part out wrong. I always worry that when I leave comments they are in some way offensive. Hmmm.