Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Monkey Riding on the Back of an Elephant?

Something happens to people after they live with us. Sarah lived with us a year and then moved to California. Darja lived with us and moved to Colorado. Presently, Sue is counting down her last days here and heading back to Korea.

I didn't take it too personally until I happened to read a blog post recently written by Darja. (You can read it for your self by clicking here if you'd like.) She came to visit and then... low and behold I found ourselves part of her writing.

Sunday was spent with another group of very important people- the ever-growing Isaacs family. I swear they’re playing a sick game called ’let’s see how many living things can live in one house.’ They’ve got 4 kids, a foreign exchange student, a dog, and now a second dog. I won’t be surprised if the next time I visit them, I find a monkey riding an elephant in the living room. And April will find a way to make it seem so normal. Don’t know how they do it, but they’re great for opening up their lives to a bunch of shmucks like us, and I always enjoy visiting with them. It was such a beautiful day, too.

I have often felt like I was living in a circus. Come to find out, others think that too... and then they move... far away. Hmmm.....


Jeni said...

This is why I think you would be such a great foster family :).

So Incredibly Blessed said...

Hahaha! I so enjoy reading your blog :)