Thursday, November 29, 2012

Please Please Pray for Emme

My little Emme is in desperate need of prayer.

Yesterday she had gymnastics.  As we were walking out of gymnastics, she initiated a conversation with my that started very sweet and innocent and quickly spiraled out of control.

"Mommy, why do babies have such small hands."

As I was holding her teeny hand across the parking lot, I answered, "Well, I don't really know.  That's just the way God made them."

She replied with another question as I was getting her in her car seat, "Why do you always talk about God?"

Pulling away from my parking spot, I said, "Well, because I love Him and I want you to know about Him.

Another question from Emme, "Is Jesus in the car with us?

Now I am pulling onto the main road thinking about how in the world I can answer such a question.  And, to be honest, she asks so many questions these days I find myself answering in the simplest way I can because one question so easily turns into 17 more questions.

So my response to her was, "Well... God is always with us so... in a way... I guess Jesus is in the car with us."

Nothing could have prepared me for her response.  Thankfully, I wasn't near a mountain or I might have driven right off.

She said to me, "I just slapped Him in the face."

What?!?!?!?  Let me repeat this for you.  She asked me if Jesus was in the car with us and when I said he was she tells me she just slapped him across the face?????  What is wrong with her?

I was seriously at a loss for words!  I thought about chucking her out of the car and leaving her on the side of the road so as to spare my own life from the wrath that was surely about to be brought on me because she just assaulted the King of Kings AND because something so sick in me could hardly contain my laughter.

The only thing I could think of to say to her was, "That wasn't very nice."

Then she said, "I just want you to stop talking about Jesus."

I pulled over at the next gas station.  I had to get out of the car and call her dad.

***Big sigh***

I am taking Emme to school early today.  She's having lunch with the principal.    She won an award for demonstrating Integrity and Fairness and was nominated to be a "Character Hero" at school.

WHAT?!?!  Same child?!

Please pray for her... and us.  She needs Jesus.  Clearly.


Lindsay Stutzman said...

I will be praying! Spiritual warfare is all around us, trying to steal our joy and love for Christ at every twist and turn! Keep talking about Jesus!

Rachael said...

Bless her heart, my guess is she is jealous to see her mommy and daddy loving Jesus so much. Too young to understand, i would take it as a compliment. She hears so much of your love for Christ that it has made her jealous. :) He asks us to come to him as a Emme. There is not a chance of this child growing up in your home and NOT understanding the gift of grace and salvation. Hang in there mom. :)

The Gang's Momma! said...

Okay, so maybe I'm terribly unspiritual but I'm just so stinkin' relieved right now. When I saw your title and the first line or two come up in my Reader, I totally panicked. Like,,OMIGOSH there is something wrong and little Emme had a terrible accident or something.

Reading this, I felt so relieved. And a glimmer of a giggle or two. I'm guessing that she's just pushing your buttons and looking for a reaction. She knows in her little knower how sacred your love individually and as a family is for Jesus. And in her little girl way, it sounds to me as if she's looking to create shock and awe.

I say this cuz I've had one or two of these same kinds of convos with my older boys when they were that age and even younger. The first time, I made it a big spiritual conversation complete with momma-manic-reaction. Which fed other big convos and attention to a negative behavior. What can I say. I was a young mom overwhelmed by the sheer volume of testosterone coming from my two little boys at the same time.

Then I got wise to the tactics. The second time, I downplayed it, briefly corrected the disrespect and moved on. The little booger didn't get the big reaction his brother did so it de-fused him completely.

Is it wrong that I'm sitting here grinning evilly at my remembrance of the FUN of calling his bluff?

I'm sorry - they do love to shock us and working through their thoughts and feelings about this Jesus who is so ever-present and ever-involved really isn't anything to joke about. Unless you are sick. Like me. Sorry :)

Jenney said...

One night last January my son Jack, then three, told me he needed to ask Jesus to forgive him for all of his bad stuff. I to this day don't know that he really understood, I'm assuming so because he asked me out of the blue. My other son James, then five announced that he did NOT need Jesus in his heart and would NOT be asking for forgiveness. I was a little shocked.
Fast forward a few days and that same boy who was NOT going to repent started crying because he said he was so sorry he hadn't asked Jesus in his heart and wanted to do it right then.
I think sometimes kids feel the HS pulling them and rebel in their own little way. Be happy that she is thinking about such things, and keep praying praying praying!