Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can I do it all again?

I had one of the best weekends I have had in a long time... and Paul wasn't even in town for the most part. I haven't quite figured out what that means yet.

Friday morning I went to conferences for the girls. Having homeschooled them until this year, I wasn't sure what to expect... especially for Shelby going into 6th grade. BUT, I am happy to report that Shelby has all A's and a really high B in Spelling- which if you could have seen her spelling a couple of years ago, you would know that a B is like a miracle. Parting of the Red Sea, Shelby successfully spelling... almost the same. Gracie is doing fine, 3rd grade, but she needs to work on being distracted. I don't know where she gets the nosiness.

Friday afternoon I was on the phone with Janae and it was 12:20. We decided at 12:25 to take the kids to a movie that started at 1 o'clock. I wish you could have seen what I looked like at that moment or for that matter, the way I went out in public looking. I am surprised Janae is still my friend.

After the movie, we hung out at her house and let the kids play. It was a gorgeous fall day and we had coffee on the back porch. She threw some chicken on the grill. We ate dinner and then sat around a bonfire and played Are You Smarter Than a Fifth grader with Shelby. Actually, I was just the host. And, I am not going to tell you that Shelby won because, well, that might make Janae feel bad. Bless her heart....

It was such a fun day! How come days like that can never be planned. How come I had to look like Hattie the Witch all day? Because if I had actually taken a shower and looked like I had some sense, I would have sat home all day.

Unplanned days like that... some of the best days ever. Do you know the Spongebob song Best Day Ever. I hope you do because Janae wrote me an email with that song in it about our day together and I sang that blasted song all weekend. Now I hope you sing it all day long. Why is Spongebob so annoying? Geesh!

We had 3 soccer games on Saturday. Then, on Saturday afternoon I conned someone into watching my kids so I could meet a college friend I had not seen in 8 years. As I sat talking and laughing with her and her sister, I was reminded why I loved her so much in college. I might cut off my right arm to have her live around here. It didn't seem to matter that we hadn't see each other in 8 years because we picked up right where we left off. I wish someone could have clocked how many words we crammed into that time... that seemed way too short. In life, you leave some people feeling completely drained. Others are like a breath of fresh air! She's the fresh air... in case you couldn't figure that out.

On Sunday our church had a fall festival. We spent all our time watching the kids on a bunch of inflatables. Have you seen the bungee cord inflatable? There are two lanes on this inflatable with a wall running down the middle of the lanes. On top of the wall in the middle, there is a velco strip that runs the length of the course. The velcro is marked in feet. So, they put two kids in vest and the vests are attached to bungee cords at the back of the lanes. The kids hold a bean bag and race to see who can make it the farthest by putting their bean bags on the velcro wall. They can only get so far because of the bungee cords. And when those bungee cords snap those kids back and they fall on their backs, I about pee my pants. It never gets old. It is so funny every single time. Maybe I should have been a carnie.

My other favorite thing was the mechanical bull inflatable. The best part of that... watching Paul try to ride it holding his arm up like he was some kind of professional bull rider. When he got slung off, which didn't take long, he came off the ride and hit the ground. I think it hurt the... well, you know!

I wish I could do last weekend all over again!

Here's Emme doing whatever it is she does with food.
Licking it, taking bites of the carmel and the paper... hello, take a bite of the apple!

Sometimes when Em eats, she looks like an old woman.

You don't have to be at the county fair to find some characters. They're everywhere. This man was totally trying to look like Guy from Diners Dive-ins and Dives. Judge for yourself. I mean seriously, does he think no one watches the show? Be yourself big guy! And, I have no shame.. I'm taking pictures of the guy so I can talk about him.


Kim said...

Good for you! I love weekends that turn out like this. Many times planned activities don't turn out the way you imagined them. This is why spontaneous fun times are so memorable.

Sharla said...

Sounds like a really fun weekend! Wish I could come for a visit!!

Jenney said...

How fun! I ran into 2 college friends (and one of them had her sister who I sorta knew with her) at Cedarville's Homecoming. It was so fun to catch up.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

So fun!!! I loved to hear that you had such a great weekend, and you thought it was going to be rough.

Jeremy and Jeni said...

Don't you love a "breath of fresh air" kind of friend!

Those pictures of Emme eating the apple/paper are cute. Is she doing better on eating?? She is still super cute and I love her bows!!