Monday, February 8, 2010

The sex of a fish

Shelby and Sue

I am fully aware that I am getting ready to violate... well, something... but... seriously, why do Asians always give the peace sign? Yes, she's trying to give the peace sign. She's not flipping anyone off. I've never understood this.

My little friend from Korea, Sue... she's given me nothing to write about. Darn it! She is the sweetest thing. She's so easy. She will eat whatever I put in front of her and lots of times she has seconds. Her and Shelby are good little friends. Shelby begged for us to allow for the exchange student. She told me Friday night that she can't imagine not having Sue here and then before she went to bed, she (Shelby) kissed me and thanked me again. Priceless. I too think I would have missed out on a blessing had Paul listened to me when I said, "No! I do not need another kid to take care of." Sometimes I am such a jerk!

The only communication glitch that I know of happened last week. She came up and asked me where she could look at the teachers. I thought that was interesting, but if she wanted to go online and look up the teachers what difference does it make to me. So, I told her to go onto the school's website. Right after I had told her that, Shelby came downstairs and so I asked her to go to Sue's room and help her. A few minutes later Shelby came up laughing and said, "Mom! She wanted to look at the t-shirts, not the teachers!" HAHAHAHAHA!!

They have to wear uniforms to school and she wanted to look at them online. They are at Land's End. Poor girl! She'd have never found those shirts.

On a different note, my little Gracie girl is the queen of side comments. You really have to listen to her because she makes lots of comments sort of under her breath and if you don't know to pay attention, well, you'd miss out. That's for sure.

The kids were talking about a dog the other day. And, in their eyes, that is the only true pet. Never mind that Jackson has an aquarium in his room with 3 fish. And, if it weren't for me, those fish would be gnawing on each other. So, I went into feed them the other night and Gracie was trailing behind. She said... again, keep in mind, she's really just commenting not trying to carry on a conversation. "Fish really aren't pets. I mean, they don't do anything. They're kinda boring. Besides, you can't even tell if they are a boy or a girl."

I cracked up because..... when's the last time you wondered about the sex of a fish? See!

Then, on Sunday, I was dropping Emme off at the nursery at church. There was a girl in front of us being dropped off and she was not in the least bit happy about it. Crying, rearing her head back... the full work up. She was a big ol' girl too. She had some meat on her bones. Or maybe... maybe, she's just normal. We compare every other child to our 2 1/2, 17 pound peanut. I guess that's not really so fair. Anyway, Emme was looking at this girl as if to say, "Seriously! You need to get a grip." We passed her to the nursery worker who placed her on the floor. Emme went straight for a toy and started playing. As we were walking away, I could hear Gracie mumbling behind me. She said, "The fat kids aren't the ones who should cry. It should be the skinny kids. The fat kids have more meat."

Again, I cracked up. I ask for some clarification later on in the day, but no to avail. I can't follow her logic on that one. Got any ideas?


Amy said...

DH spent a summer in China in college, and he says that it is the "V for victory" sign, not the peace sign. Only in the US does that mean peace, according to him. Who knows if he is right or not, but that's what someone there told him.

Tony and Rett said...

No comment. I have MEAT...and lots of it!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

oh that girl! I think I might have told you already with Emma and Gracie were in the car talking about what it was like right before you throw up. Gracie said "ug I hate it when it gets hot in your mouth right before you puke" and Emma then says "yea, and it tastes like cardboard" quickly Gracie says "so you've tasted cardboard."
I love listening in to the backseat conversations!