Saturday, January 30, 2010

She's survived 3 days here! Sheww!

For those of you interested, there is a purpose when a * goes in the middle of a word, like South K*rea . If someone does a search on South K*rea, my blog post will appear no where in that listing. Otherwise, my blog would eventually appear. It may be on page 2,398,756 but it would eventually show some where in the world wide web, that I talked about South K*rea. That's about the last thing I need is some K*rean official reading my blog and coming after me because I violated.... well, who knows what... but if there's something to violate, I am bound to do it.

So....... would you like an update on my new little K*rean friend?

Her plane was delayed twice on Wednesday night and so Paul and the girls did not get home until about midnight. We helped her contact home to let them know she had made it and then I offered her something to eat? I said, " Would you like some dog meat?"

KIDDING! But Koreans do eat dog meat. I was going to post the Q&A's from the link that follows along with the pictures, but I was afraid my dog loving family (including my mother) and friends, might join forces with a K*rean officials and come after me. The site is called Ask A K*rean... and here's the link.
Warning: There is at least one picture that is not for the faint of heart.

Ok, so seriously, I offered her a bowl of soup and she ate it all. Crazy thing is... she's eaten whatever she has been offered for any meal. If someone would have given me food in Ch*na and expected me to eat it... I would have been hurling left and right. Seriously!

It's actually been kind of uneventful here, at least from my perspective. On Thursday around 2pm, upon the suggestion of a friend, I woke her up to help her adjust to the time change. I took her to pick up the girls so she could see the school. We stopped at the grocery on the way home and I asked her if she wanted some sushi. See, right there! I am sure I violated some kind of cultural something or other. But, she wanted some. So there!

When we got home, she asked me if I had chopsticks. I about spewed the drink I was taking all over the kitchen. Why do things hit me so funny? No, I don't have any chopsticks. So she went down and got her own. And, now that I am thinking about it... why did she have to have chopsticks for the sushi? She hasn't used them for anything else. Is sushi too good to be eaten with a fork? Can you understand why I should just stay in the house? Seriously, the reputation of this school is at stake. I am not sure they really thought through placing her here.

Anyway, Friday we went to the school to meet the principal and her teachers. They also had her walk in all the 8th grade classes so the students could see her. Poor thing! Oh, and the principal was very apologetic that in the middle school their highest math is Algebra 1. She's probably in Calculus or something. I didn't even want to ask. I didn't think I could handle knowing that a 13 year old staying in my house could out-math me everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Geesh!

Friday night, we went to Paul's sister's house for a birthday party. She has 7 kids. We decided if she was going to be immersed, she might at well be fully immersed. We haven't seen her since. Just kidding!!

Really, she's doing great! She's very sweet and quiet. Her room is neater than my house will ever be. And, she just kinda goes with the flow. I'm not a bit worried about having her spend the next 1.5 years at my house!! 1.5 years!! Yeah, so that one detail got left out somewhere along the line. She will go home for the summer though. (We thought it was a one semester thing.)

Oh, forget to mention Jackson meeting our K*rean friend. Her name is Sue by the way. He did not get to meet her Wednesday night because he fell asleep. Thursday morning he didn't get to see her because he had to go to school. So, he ran in the house after school to meet her. She was in the bathroom. While he was waiting for her to come out, he yells, "Does she have glasses? I hope she doesn't have glasses!"

What's up with that? And, for the record, she's got glasses alright!

Later that night, Jackson looked at Emme and with a really sweet voice he said, "Emme, do you know her? You guys kinda look alike!"

That's my boy!!!


Darja said...

awwww. i LOVE jackson. i LOVE him.

Sharla said...

Are you serious? 1.5 years? I'm totally cracking up! April is back and your son is a HOOT!! Can't wait to follow this adventure!


The Korean said...

I'm afraid that by linking my blog, the KCIA will be at your doorstep any minute now. :)

Tony and Rett said...

SOOO GLAD YOU BLOGGED! I was about to come unglued. I thought, we'll NEVER get our families together if she's TOO busy to even BLOG!

(Do you like my overuse of capital letters? They show my emotion! ehhe)

Glad Sue's settling in nicely!

Gina said...

YEARS?!?!?! I almost died when I read that part! Plus I can't believe you offered her Sushi. I thought that was Japanese?? You really aren't supposed to eat sushi with a's really lame. Although I can't use chopsticks so...I guess I'm lame. That poor girl....

"I hope she doesn't have glasses!!"

Jenney said...

She can come eat at our house, we have about 20 different sets of chopsticks. But we eat American food, so that even makes it weirder I guess.
Can't wait to read your adventures.