Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High Heel Tennis Shoes

I should not even be allowed to have written the title of this email because....THERE SHOULD BE NO SUCH THING AS HIGH HEELED TENNIS SHOES.

I didn't even want to write the title because I have a million (or at least 10) other things I want to write about...... BUT because I have been trying to catch up from washing every article of clothing and bedding in my house and picking nits, I haven't had time to sit down and write something I want to write about.  BUT because I said I would post every day, I have to write something.  

Darn it!  I wish I had less character!

So, after I picked nits this morning for 90 minutes, I took Gracie to school.  We stopped at the mall first because every girl who has to be humiliated by bugs crawling in her hair should get a new pair of shoes.  (She also needed some really bad.)

As I was walking in the mall, I saw some lady walking out of the mall.  She had on shoes that looked exactly like:

I just wanted to walk over to that lady and knock her down and rip those shoes off her feet.   Then, I would have walked over to the nearest dumpster and thrown them away.

Those shoes just made me mad!  Those two things should not go together.  That's like eating chocolate cake with a side of mayonnaise.

Seriously, would you wear those shoes?


Tony and Rett said...

Um. No.

Enough said.

Lara said...

Okay, April, I can understand the shoes and even the chocolate cake with mayonaise...sorta. I have a delicious recipe for chocolate cake that uses mayonaise! Totally yummy! Glad to be reading your blogs again cuz I need a daily giggle.

Jenney said...

never. ever.

Jem said...

why not? it depends on what you are wearing! :)