Monday, April 19, 2010

I Heart RID Shampoo

I was SOOO going to do this great post today.... and I would have.....



And when I was finished picking and treating EVERYONE'S head in this house... I then stripped down beds and had 9 washing machines going at the laundry mat close to my house.

I'm going to bed now and thanking the Lord that it's just lice, right?  Other people are dealing with a lot more than bugs right now.

P.S.  RID shampoo is used to kill lice.  

P.S.S.  When the school nurse called me today, she said, "They were scurrying."  

I could have done without that.


Amy said...

YUCK!! We had them at our house last year. Way to much laundry and picking and just pure paranoia. Little bugs I hope to never ever see again.

Good Luck

Adminswife said...

Our three girls had it all at once. We got "Kwell" - a prescription from the doctor. With Kwell, you don't have to pick anything. It even kills the eggs. We also washed mountains of bedding - we have six children. You might know this, but you should put your stuffed animals in a dark plastic bag for several day to kill the lice living on them. Sorry you had to go through this - it is just an awful mess.

Jenney said...

ew. lice are ew. I am nursing and it hurts like crazy so thanks for posting so I have something to take my mind off the pain!!!