Friday, October 12, 2012

Death Toll at Family Reunion Rises to 10

     Yes, the death toll at our family reunion has risen to 10.  And, I'm not sad about it.  I haven't even shed a single tear.

     See, it's bad enough to see a mouse in your garage, but when they start inviting extended family and turn it into a family reunion.... in my garage... it's game on, party over.   I tried a trap laced with peanut butter... twice.  Twice, they licked it clean.    That was back when I thought we were dealing with a mouse.  However, when I opened a cabinet that had grass seed in it, and saw cousins and aunts and uncles with beverages in hand and decorations on the walls... throwing confetti, I went to plan B.  Sticky pads.

    Within hours Wednesday, I had 5.  By the time the sun rose on Thursday morning, the count had risen to 10.  We're onto maintenance now.  Relatives arriving on late flights, will be met with light horderves of rat poisoning.  Death toll can be expected to rise.

      In other news this week, Paul's parents came to visit.  We took them to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park and the trip did not disappoint.
     First we stopped in Estes Park.  We ate lunch at a little local joint and then stopped at the candy store.  We bought candy and warm, freshly made carmel corn.  Then, walking around with our stash, we went in and out of all the fun little shops.

As you can see, Emme is growing into a regular giant.

     After that, we went to Rocky Mountain National Park.  I am much more into chasing large mammals with huge antlers than little mice with beady eyes.  

     This trip, it didn't take us long to find the elk.  I read, on one of those infamous signs, that it's mating season.  Therefore, they were out and about.  Thankfully, we did not have to observe any... of... that... part... of... nature.


Of course, we had to get in some fishing this weekend.  What would a weekend look like without fishing?

    So... Welcome to Trout Haven.  Guaranteed to catch a fish, they supply you with bait, poles, buckets, nets... the whole works.  Fish that are caught are paid for by the inch, but they clean it and pack it in ice, and you get to take it home and fry it up.

So much for their stupid guarantee.  We didn't catch a thing.  (shhh... I was secretly glad.  I did not want to eat that for dinner.)

   Hmmm... Now, I realized I just moved to Colorado, but I'm pretty sure fish are supposed to be in the water.  Here, friends, we have some fish laying out... in the sun... in the grass.  We decided it was unusual enough that we should inform the Trout Haven employees.  

     They already knew.  Yeah, they put them there.... FOR THE BEAR that likes to come eat them!!!  What?!?!  Where was my warning sign?  How am I supposed to know what to do if I spot the bear that comes to eat the fish?  I should have known.  Of course, a bear comes there.  I live in Animal Kingdom now, I momentarily forgot.  Forgive me.  Sometimes, I forget that I signed up for wilderness life.
Now, there's a sign!  Ice fish at your own risk.  Ice fish.  And, what's the risk?  I've got a lot to learn.

     Since the guaranteed trout catch, was a farce, we decided to make one more pit stop to see if we could get our fish catching high.

      So, we turned off the main road and.... hey!  There's an elk casually walking down... the road!!  Where... most... elk... walk... right?

Looks like a great place to stop... and.. eat... some... grass.  Take your time.  Don't mind us.  We'll just.. sit... and... wait until your.... done.

Since we were already waiting, Paul and Jackson decided to throw in their poles.  Across this rather large lake, we saw, what appeared to be Papa Elk.  He was walking toward the water... and then he decided to take a swim.

Oh yes, he did!  He swam right over to see us.
Sorry about the Blair Witch quality filming.  I didn't know my regular camera could video. Therefore, I accused my 11 year old of being a liar and a inept photography and I took the camera away from her.  The result was this fabulous video.  Yeah!  I'm a great mom.  Encouraging... instilling great confidence in them...  Go ahead!  Nominate me for Mom of the Year!

     Until I receive that award... stay tuned for more adventures... that... I... had... no... idea...I was signing... up...for.  Yay me!

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Jenney said...

Pictures of Emme always make me feel better about my 24 lb 2.5 year old and my 14.8 lb 10 month old. Maybe we could have them start an "I'm not on the weight scale" club.

Have fun in the wilderness :o)