Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There are NO Fish in Colorado.

There are NO fish in Colorado.  That's what I was beginning to think.  

How can we go fishing 5 times and not catch A THING?

We're risking our lives every time we go fishing (see above sign and previous post) and we don't even have the satisfaction of catching a stupid fish.

Don't get me wrong... the scenery is beautiful.  The weather is perfect.  But, my boy needs to catch a fish for crying out loud.

The most hydrated boy in Colorado with his Camelbak (see Grizzly Adams post).  

Bless her heart, she doesn't get to do anything and she's still so happy.

Jackson left me on the other side of the lake to go try his luck with Paul.  It didn't work.  No fish.

Until the next weekend....

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!  We caught 9 fish!!!!

 Jackson caught 4, Shelby caught 3, Gracie caught 1 and I caught 1.

Paul didn't catch any.  HAHAHAHA!!!  I had his pole the whole time, but that's no excuse!

And, Emme, well... we think she was doing Tai Chi the whole time.

In conclusion, I apologize to the entire state of Colorado.  There are fish.

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