Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tradition.... Tradition!! (sing it like Fiddler on the Roof)

We have a tradition every year around Christmas to take the kids to a movie at the nice theatre (not the dollar theatre) and to go to dinner at a nice restaurant (not just pick up a pizza).

We usually do this little tradition of ours closer to Christmas day, but since we've moved ACROSS THE COUNTRY (for crying out loud), we are having to change lots of things.

In the past, it was never an option to go to Denver because, HELLO... we lived in Ohio.  So, how cool did it sound to say, "Hey, let's go to Denver for our annual dinner and movie family date?"  For just a second we pretended we were really wealthy and we only went to fancy, far away places.

AND... how fun was it to wake up to this on our family outing day.  We almost decided to stay around our house for our outing because they don't do much to the roads around here.  (In case you've never heard me mention it, it's ALWAYS sunny here, so the snow doesn't stay around for long... so they don't treat the roads)  Anyway, I'm SO GLAD we decided to make the drive.

On our way there, we had played an It's a Wonderful Life trivia game with the kids.  They all have a pen and paper (except Emme) and they wrote down their answers (except Emme... she yelled answers that made no sense the entire game.)  If you are fans of the movie and watch it every year like we do, you should play the game with your family.  Here's the link:

The winner... well... they got to go to dinner and a movie.  HAHA!

It was really fun and Shelby was the winner!

 The pretending we had lots of money thing... it didn't last long.  We went to a nice theatre but went to a matinee ($5).  And, since everything about this year is different, we also didn't see the movie as a family.  The girls saw a girly movie and the guys saw a guy movie.

After the movie, as part of our tradition, we always go to a mall.  The malls we would go to in Ohio... they were fine.  We never buy anything anyway, we just like to be out in the hustle and bustle.  The malls in Denver though... they are a different story.  I'm not a mall fan, but Denver is trying to change that.  I have been to 3 in ol' Denver, Colorado and I'm a fan!

I loved EVERYTHING about the one we went to Saturday.  It was the Park Meadow mall.  I took a few pictures but they really don't do it justice.

The mall was made to feel like it was a big log cabin and it was beautifully decorated for Christmas.

I don't know why, but in the state of Colorado, I am intrigued... fascinated... obsessed with their signs.  

And... just so you know...

We did it!!  We refrained!  We did not enter the water!!  We were so proud of ourselves!

Still refraining!

The girls were so excited to see a Forever 21... although I don't know why.  They were all told in advance we would not be making any purchases.  They wanted me to take a picture of it though.  So... I did... I just forgot to get the Forever 21 in the picture.  Oops!

Just one of their many cool entrances.  Again, the picture doesn't do it justice.

 I was trying to take a picture of the Windows store.  Windows... they are such copy cats!  They totally tried to make their store look EXACTLY like the Apple store.  They should know they'll never be as cool.  Good try though!

Again, pictures don't do it justice but instead of a Food Court, they have a Dining Hall.  All the restaurants look like stations like you'd see in a dining hall.  And, if you look close in the picture below you can see there was a huge brick fireplace (fire on both) sides with a mantle and a wreath.  It really gave the whole place a lodge feeling.

We conned some young guy into taking our family picture.  We did make ONE purchase.  I always buy the kids Christmas pajamas.  I could not find any matching ones this year.  But, here at this amazing mall,  not only did the Disney Store have pajamas in all the sizes I needed, the were all half off!!  WOOHOO!!!!

Huge St. Bernard tied to a pole just sitting there by himself.  He was so good.  Then all of a sudden he barked and we all about peed our pants.  Haha!

Refraining from the water... again!

Loved all the lights and decorations.

Such a cute picture!  Too bad it's so dark!

I wanted to eat at a place we had never eater before.  I spotted what looked like a little Italian palace.  It was called Maggiano's.  That's where I decided we should all go.   We went there all right.  We went in, looked at the menu and walked right out.  Too expensive!

The kids won.  The wanted J Alexanders anyway.  I know that sound expensive too, but not the way we do it.  We get two chicken finger platters (not even on the menu anymore but they still have them) and one kids meal and that feeds us all.

It was such a fun day!  What traditions do your kids look forward to every year??  

Comments would be nice people!!!

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Darja said...

You should have told me you were doing this - I would've recommended this awesome movie theater south of town that has free unlimited popcorn and soda, and is REALLY nice, but same price as every other theater!