Thursday, March 14, 2013

Conditions on Moving to Colorado

     I said I would never move.  I said I would never leave I sit typing... in my house... in COLORADO!!!

     I also said, "If we move, I just want to have my own computer."

     I had my own computer... for 30 days.  Then somehow, we lost a computer.  It was never taken out of the house.  Therefore, one of two things happened.  1) It evaporated.  Into thin air.  OR  2) Someone came into my house and stole it.

     I also said I would never homeschool again.  I am homeschooling my 2 middle children.

     (Note to self:  I should never say what I will and will not do.)

     So, if you wonder why I am not blogging, it is because one child does all her work on the computer for her schooling.  By the time she's done, the other child comes home and then she hogs the computer for the rest of the night.  Therefore, I can NEVER get on the computer.

     SOOO... all the crazy things that have happened lately... Emme and Scarlett Fever, me slipping and cracking my head open and getting staples in it, going to Palm Springs, CA and peeing my pants in a parking lot, Shelby playing a "lovely lady" is Les Miserable at her High school, walking into my shower to find two large bones that my son found on a hike (why were they in the shower?  You're guess is as good as mine)... and on and on and on... I don't get to write about.

      Pray my computer reappears!

     P.S.  I'm never going to be a millionaire.

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Jenney said...

I see that you've posted and my heart does a little dance. Because your post will be like no one elses. And I will probably laugh. And my head will be shaking by the time I am done reading. I hope you find your other computer :o)