Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Audrey Part VII

*** If you are new or lost, this is a continuation of what I thought would be one post.  It is now the 7th post about Audrey.  To catch up, start with Audrey Part I.  

     Now....where were we....

Barbara was sentenced to a trial by jury. She was implicated in the death of her mother.  While awaiting trial, she wrote lots of letters to Audrey. The letters were full of things that made me blush to read.  Here is one of them:

Dear Aunt Audrey,
      I was released from jail after a severe beating. I think they thought I was going to die. I forgive you for keeping me in jail- although it ended my life. I had a strong body before this happened.
Both the checks you sent went back to you. Cancel the endorsement. Alicia loaned me $230 for one week in one room. I have had no food since Monday.
     On Tuesday another $230 is due or I will be put in the street. You must mail express or wire to my bank. I will pay back. I will be arrested for vagrancy if I am on the street with no money.
A month ago, I had a job waiting. A free room for a month and I could have saved my car.
     Now, I am so badly injured I don't know what is going to happen. (On the side of this paragraph, in different colored ink, Barbara wrote: I have to go back to jail so don't worry about future rent.)
I am having to pay for the room. You didn't save my money
     What in God's name is wrong with you? The horror you put me through.
     There were women in jail who had their breasts mutilated. (This is the clean version of what she actually said.) There was one woman who dropped bowel movements all the time because she had been raped in her bowels. Woman stuffed pillows up in them so they couldn't be raped. Women scar and maim other women so they aren't attractive to men anymore. I was being tortured and I was too afraid to write to you and my father refused to call me.
     I have to go to court in a week so I don't know if I can work.
     I have pleaded with my father all I can plead.
     Tell him this much: unless he calls me and lets me explain what is going on, he is definitely going to be arrested himself for spouse abuse.
     The guard took his one letter and called for police to read.
      I need the money you told me was already sent - that is only FAIR. You didn't keep your word.
I promise you- you will get your blood money. I WILL PAY BACK EVERY DIME.
     I am sending you pictures of the jail. What we had was a little better- we had mattresses- but not much.
     I can not survive unless you get the money here by the 29th.  I will be charged with defrauding an Inn Keeper (Where is she?  The little town of Bethlehem?) if bill is not paid by 11 am. This is a felony charge.  But, dear God don't wait until after Tuesday and say Oh I couldn't get there before Tuesday.  I need FOOD and don't tell me to go to CHARITY they will send me to JAIL.
I have to go back to jail on the 12th. There was severe over crowding so they made deal to release me.
     Send me the money and both checks if you can or as much as possible. NOW. $230 pays rent. Need food and clothes.
     Don't hoard money because I will need next month anything I can do to help myself. It has to be done NOW. Dear God, PLEASE listen and don't make me suffer needlessly.

     Love, Barb

  I am not sure free-associating describe the letters Barbara sent.  Is there a word to describe Barbara?  

     I am tired from just reading and writing all that.  Plus, I know you need time to digest it.  More tomorrow.... I promise.


Chubby Baby Designs said...

WOW, there is no doubt the enemy had a strong hold onto her life, so sad that there may not have been anyone in her life that showed her Christ's love.
So is this why you are so good at Pathwords...all these letters have given you new vocab to work with I'm sure!

Darja said...

haha your little town of bethlehem comment made me laugh out loud.

Tony and Rett said...

um, what in the world?