Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Ice cream, pizza, a favorite restaurant... I can imagine having a craving for one of the three aforementioned things. But, someone, somewhere has/is having a craving for headcheese.

Until about a month ago, I have never even heard of headcheese. I had a friend ask me if I had ever seen it?

"That would be 'No!'" was my answer.

She kept telling me I had to see it. So yesterday, she lured me to the grocery store for the sole purpose of looking at headcheese. To be honest, I am not even sure she knew what headcheese was (bless her heart), she just knew it looked gross. The name alone should tell you to steer clear.

Do you know what headcheese is? It's pork tongue! Pork tongue made into a sort of loaf that you can walk up to the deli and order. "How would you like that sliced? Thick or thin?" (Barf)

Here is a more descriptive explanation of headcheese:
Head cheese, also called souse and brawn, is a jellied loaf or sausage. Originally it was made entirely from the meaty parts of the head of a pig or calf, but now can include edible parts of the feet, tongue, and heart. The head is cleaned and simmered until the meat falls from the bones, and the liquid is a concentrated gelatinous broth. Strained, the meat is removed from the head, chopped, seasoned and returned to the broth and the whole placed in a mold and chilled until set, so it can be sliced.

Boars Head... that's the brand name I saw on that headcheese package yesterday. I thought they prided themselves on quality meat. I was wrong. They have no standards if they will stoop to this level.

I am so disturbed by this that I can hardly write about it. I don't eat pork. (As a matter of fact, I adhere to Old Testament dietary food laws... in case I haven't mentioned that before.) So, I have a hard enough time seeing a pork roast or a pork chop. While searching for pictures of headcheese yesterday, I saw one discription that said... now with extra gullet. Do you know what gullet is?

Gullet-the tube by which food passes from the mouth to the stomach.

Hold on... I've gotta go hurl.

Headcheese... it's official. I've see it all now.

Please. Please tell me you have never eaten headcheese!

If you look closely, you can see the tongues.


Chubby Baby Designs said...

Nice...really nice...I'm trying to lose some weight and thank you, that was helpful for today. I'm done eating now. Tomorrow could you post about another really gross food, that would help! Shoot, by this rate I'll have reached my goal by next Tuesday! Thanks!!!

Mike, Jamie, Jack, and Drew said...

That is disgusting......WOW! We love looking at your blog by the way! Great way to keep updated on how you are doing.

Jenney said...

HELLO I am pregnant. This week every little thing makes me squeemish, even though morning sickness has not really been an issue the last 21 weeks. Those pictures...well I may not eat dinner.

Gina said...

Look!! I remembered I have a google account!

Seriously disgusting though. I don't even know what to say. Couldn't you have told us a joke or something too, to make reading that a little easier?? =)

Tony and Rett said...

Um, yeah. We eat that...with a side of cow intestines, snake belly, and frog legs. YUM!

You can wash it all down with chipmunk bile.

Matter of fact, that's what we leave out for Santa. He's ready for meat-like products after all those cookies!

It's the food of champions!

Bwhahaha. AS IF!

The Gang's Momma! said...

Haa haaa haaa! After 16 years in PA Dutch country, this doesn't faze me much anymore. Now I'm wondering if I should be proud of that fact or relieved that I'm not hurling or gagging like your other readers seem to be doing.

:) Only you, April. Only you.

Lyndsey said...

April.... PLEASE I am begging..... make a new post! I can't look at the word "headcheese" any longer! :)