Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What do me and South K*rea have in common?

Well....... funny you should ask!

And, the answer is probably absolutely nothing. EXCEPT tonight at 9:19 an 8th grade girl from South K*rea will step off a plane and then come here to live for the next 5 months. That poor, poor girl. She has no idea what she's getting herself into, does she?

I was getting her room ready today and I thought, "I should probably get her a welcome gift and put it in her room." So, tonight, I did just that. I got her, all bound together with a sheer ribbon and bow, a photo box with 2 (one small, one big) photo albums and a journal. Psst.... she's going to have A LOT to write about, she just doesn't know it yet:-)

And, just a little FYI... there's not a card section at the store that says Welcoming Strangers from Foreign Countries. There's nothing even close. I looked.

Can I just tell you how nervous I have been for this girl today? I just can not imagine being 14, flying by yourself to the United St*tes, letting a family pick you up (and you haven't even seen a picture of the family) and then having to live with those people for the next 5 months.

And what in the world am I supposed to feed her? I thought about going to get some sushi or something tonight.

Did I not have more time to prepare for this? Not really. Of course it's a long story. It all kind of snowballed. We got a call Monday night at 9:20 pm that she'd be at an airport near our house in 48 hours.

And so, the next adventure begins. And, for the record.....NO, there is never a dull moment here. Hang with me, I am at least bound to have some good stories coming up!


Lyndsey said...

this is probably a stupid question, but why the asterisk in the word Korea and States (from United States)?

Darja said...

uhhh where is MY gift basket?? humph!!