Thursday, January 21, 2010

Catching up... sort of

So... this is what my friend Gina wrote on my Facebook wall yesterday:
Are you the April Isaacs who used to have a blog? Just checking...

Isn't she so funny?

Really! Why am I not blogging? I don't know. The Christmas season was so crazy busy that I didn't have time. And, then after Christmas I was so overwhelmed with how much I had to say that every time I would sit down to write I would become paralyzed. I decided today, after some prompting (thankyouverymuch) that I would just start. I'll put up some pictures to catch you up and then I am moving on. I'll feel much better and ready to move on after I click on the orange button that says Publish Post.

Christmas morning! Jackson just a little excited.
Shelby wanted an extra guitar so more than one person could play Guitar Hero. That person... in case you're wondering... is not me. I get on for about two seconds and the people (whoever they are) start booing me. It has always been that way for me musically... I'm used to it.
Emme... she still doesn't get what the heck goes on Christmas morning.
Shelby thinks she's going to be the next person with a tv show about making cakes. So, we got her a decorating kit. She's also taking a class to learn how to decorate cakes... thanks to Grandma. I'm pretty sure she get it now... it's not near as easy as they make it look.
Cinnamon rolls from Cinnabon... every Christmas morning.

Emme figuring out the directions for the camera.

That's quite a crew, huh?
We cleaned up for the rest of Christmas day.

Gracie, Shelby and their cousin, Reide. Want to know what I looked like when I was little? I looked just like Reide with brown hair. Weird!
Jackson and his cousin Zayne. Jackson was the first boy born on my side of the family in 25 years. 3 years after Jackson was born, Zayne decided to come on the same day.

Rose Bowl.... Go Buckeye! Emme says, "Go Buckeyes!" whenever she sees any Ohio State paraphernalia.
Jackson would love to get in the game!
Gracie with one OSU leg warmer on.


Nicole's Mom said...

I am glad to see you are back. I always love to see what is going on and love to hear the stories. I also never update my blog , but we are babyless and nothing interesting to post. We are in the China holding pattern just waiting for our lucky number to come up.. Also known as the china Lottery.

The Gang's Momma! said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere :) Love the matching jammies. So cute and old-fashioned. And so very together of you. I always think how cute it'd be - the night before Christmas when I'm shoving everyone into their beds so Daddy and I can start "Santa-izing" the tree. So NOT together of me.

Sharla said...

Hey long lost friend... I disappeared too! We're an awful lot alike, I got totally overwhelmed with life and trying to catch up on my blog, so I just quit for a while. Like you, I did a quick update and moved on with my life! Glad to see you back... Can't wait to hear more about your student!


Gina said...

OH my word! You've written 2 blog posts! Congratulations!! Seriously, I had stopped checking and I'm so happy that you're back. Yay!!