Friday, February 11, 2011

Jackson's Teeth

Jackson. My one and only precious little boy.

Seriously, does he not look like the classic all-American boy?

Don't answer that.

Don't burst my bubble if you don't think so.

Don't get me wrong. The boy has his issues. He's as squirrelly as they come. He never sits. Not even in school. The teacher tells me he stands... with one leg bent resting on the chair. She also told me that since winter, she has implemented exercise in her room. There's no outdoor recess with all the snow we've had this year. The whole class has to exercise, but it's really for just Jackson.

That's what she told me.

At home, Jackson spends more time walking on his hands than he does walking on his feet. And, if he's not walking on his hands, he's spinning on his head. I don't know what that's all about. I don't ask. As long as he's not aggravating someone... I don't really care how much spinning on his head he does.

We try not to be home too often with Jackson. This winter he plays indoor soccer, he wrestles and he plays basketball. 'Is that too much?' you ask. You come live with him. We have to do something with all his energy.

He wears us out, but his looks... Isn't he so cute? Those freckles on his nose?

Well, I thought so. I thought he was so cute. That all came crashing down one day, those perfect looks. They came crashing down because one day when my best friend Janae said, "Jackson's teeth looks exactly like marshmallows. Those little white marshmallows."

I mean look at him! They do!! But, who says this? Your best friend?


With friends like that....

Ok, ok... I confess. In all fairness, one day I told her her oldest daughter had British teeth. But, that was after I saw the x-ray of her teeth.

And, when she said his teeth looked like those little white marshmallows, I laughed about it for a week. I still laugh about it.

Since then, I decided he also looks like a Minion from Despicable Me.

Either way... he's adorable. One day, he'll grow into those teeth... and then I'll miss them.


Brian said...

he is adorable!

April Isaacs said...

Aww!! Thanks Brian!

Jenney said...

Yeah, he's a cutie! And he has muscles! I remember your pictures last summer and I was like "what kid has muscles like that???"
Maybe he'll keep the look and he can look like that one Mike guy who is a NFL announcer. I dunno his last name. He's this really big African American dude. With Jackson's teeth. Pretty sure he is also athletic. And rich.

bekkielynn said...

Oh my gosh, April, you make me bust a gut. The minions.....hahahahaha! I must admit something to you. I think my daughter is the most gorgeous thing on the planet. She has 7 teeth out right now! 7!!!!!!!!!! They are starting to grow in and I am in FEAR of what they will do to her pretty face! Hahahaha :) Grown up teeth look so weird on little kids! But, just for the record, your son is totally groegous!