Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LOVE... It can be felt in our home

Cabin Fever has reached an all new level in this house. It's Wednesday evening, 10:36 pm, to be exact, and I have not been out of my house in over 48 hours. Somebody better start hiding all the sharp objects... or the kids better go to school tomorrow.

One or the other.

Even our television viewing has reached desperate levels. Tonight Paul was flipping through the TV in our bedroom and he stopped on a TLC show called the World's Smallest Children.

Now... I'll watch about anything on TLC or HGTV once I've heard like 1.5 sentences spoken.
I'm like a deer in the headlights. "DON'T TOUCH THAT REMOTE!" But, the only time I usually sit down to watch TV is when we watch it as a family. However, cabin fever had set in and I was in my room with Paul... hiding.

I was hiding from all the kids except Emme. She was on my bed with me... playing with my iphone. She can work that thing like it's nobody's business.

The show that night featured a little girl named, Charlotte. Charlotte has Primordial Dwarfism and it seems that, even among others with Primordial Dwarfism, she is unusually small.

I can talk about unusually small because... Emme is unusually small. She might hover over Charlotte by a whopping 6 inches. But, Charlotte's 2 ....Emme's is 3 1/2. So, it's not like Emme's earned any real bragging rights.

While I was deeply invested in this show trying to figure out if Charlotte had Primordial Dwarfism type I or type II, Emme took a second away from "her" iphone and glanced up at the TV.

She saw precious little Charlotte and in a very matter of fact tone, announced, "I hate that girl."
And, then she went right back to her phone.
Oh, the love of Jesus! It is so felt in our home!

I've decided I need to be less concerned about Emme's stature and whether or not she gets enough milk or enough calories... or even food! I need to focus on that child's heart. Apparently, she's got like... little dog syndrome. She must see herself as some Swedish super model or something. Seriously, who does she think she is?

I may not blog again for awhile. I will be spending all my free time reading Emme the Bible.

Here's Charlotte's story if you'd like to read about her:


Jeni said...

That was hilarious!! I laughed out loud. Abby is like that too. She acts like she's big stuff...all 28 lbs of her at 4.

Sweet Floweret said...

Oh my word! Emme! Hilarious...

Jenney said...

We have a children's Bible. That might be better. You have to keep that written down so you don't forget. When she is 20 or so she'll be mortified :o) I have all kinds of good stuff on my kids. They'll always be nice to me or I'll blackmail them!

Watch TLC for me...we don't have cable. And I love TLC.

LoJo said...

Oh, that is hilarious! I randomly found your blog image searching. (isn't that how we always find random blogs). anyway, loved this!