Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whoever Says There's Not a Difference Between Boys and Girls.....

Whoever says there's not a difference between boys and girls is full of malarkey.

When I have a friend that hurts my feelings, it affects me for awhile. Even if they say, "I'm sorry." and I accept and forgive, I walk around feeling all pitiful for awhile. I can't let it go. It eats at me and I nurse it. I try not to. I really do, but it's like I just can't get over it.

It's not the same with boys. They can beat the crap out of each other one minute and the the next minute they're like, "Hey, want to go climb that tree?"

I have the opportunity to watch both of the sexes play out their respective roles in this house of mine.

Friday, Jackson went over to play with our neighbor, Trayce. Jackson and Trayce have a lot in common as they are the same age and have played on a couple of different sports teams together.

So, Friday they were playing when their friendship went south. Trayce called Jackson a jerk.
Jackson retaliated. He said, "Well, you're a jerk!" And, then he followed that up with a remark that cut to the soul. Jackson said, " You're a jerk....AND.... and... I know more Jesus facts than you!"

SO there!! Take that!

I know more Jesus facts than you? Who says that? And, what does that even mean anyway?

What is wrong with my kids? My littlest hates Charlotte, the little girl on TV with Primordial Dwarfism and Jackson brags about how many Jesus facts he knows? Again... we really know how to love people. Feels so good to say we are a missionary family. Want to support us?

Jackson came home for about 10 minutes. That was boring because we have a house full of girls and Trayce has a house full of boys. So, Jackson put all of his snow gear back on and marched over across the street.

He walked straight to Trayce's house and knocks on the front door.

Knock, knock knock.

Trayce came to the door, "Yeah?"

Jackson says, "Hey Trayce! Want to play?" Acting as if NOTHING happened 10 minutes ago.

Trayce said, "No. You called me a jerk and told me you knew more Jesus facts than me."

Jackson, piling up his list of sins, very emphatically says, "No I didn't!!"

Trayce said, "Yes you did! You called me a jerk and told me you knew more Jesus facts than me."

Again, Jackson said, "No I didn't"

"Jackson!! Yes you did! You called me a jerk and told me you knew more Jesus facts than me!

Jackson said, "OK!! I'm sorry! Want to play some football?"

Trayce says, "Sure!"

And, there you have it. The difference between boys and girls... all wrapped in how many Jesus facts you may or may not know.


Jeni said...

I love it and SO true. I watch it with Jake and the neighbor boy too. I wish I was like that. I wish my girls were like that.........oh the drama.

leah said...

Just to clear things up... I laughed just as hard when I read it on here as I did when you told it the other night... so there yah go... you're a pretty good story teller after all (: lol

Jenney said...

Heavens. Maybe I am glad I have 2 boys and only one girl.
Do your children ever fight (or maybe it is a younger kid thing) over INVISIBLE things? I guess Jesus facts would be invisible, but I mean toys or friends they invent?

Jenney said...

Hey! Where have you been???? My life has been FULL of craziness...but yours is very quiet????

I got admitted to Dayton Children's Hospital. I'm 30.

Kelly said...

Ummm- your background is my Hooter Hider. In case you were wondering.