Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It Figures!

     First of all, yea!  I have a new blog!!  I was so sick of Miles and Miles to Mylei... especially since I didn't even get the child I named Mylei.

     Next, this is not the look of my new blog.  I like this but I am having mine custom made.  Oh yeah, I am trying to run with the big dogs!  It might be a couple of weeks until the new look is revealed.  And, part of that is my fault!  

     BECAUSE, finally, I have a new blog name after months and months of desperately trying to think of one.  Should it really take that long??  

     I also think I jinxed myself.  See, I think about laundry and do laundry ALL THE TIME!! There is not a day that goes by that I don't do laundry.  But, isn't it ironic that the same day I plan to reveal my new blog, one of my girls decides to get a stomach virus.  She's been up since 5:45 am blowing chunks.  I think she's working on bile now!

     So, you guessed it!  Stomach virus=more laundry.... EVERY SINGLE TIME!  And, we all know that it's just a matter of time until it works it's way around the rest of the family.

    We are supposed to have pictures taken this week by my friend, Lori.  I plan on using these pictures in my new blog.  But, I am pretty sure it's not a good idea to take pictures when two of your children are green.  and one is throwing up!

      So I am off... to do some laundry.... one load at a time!!:-)

P.S.  Can you pretty please leave me a comment to let me know you made your way here???



Susan said...

I'm here! Hope the virus doesn't get anybody else!

Love you! Susan

minkiesmom said...

I made it here!! I love to read your blog, you really have a flair for writing!!! (and listening :) )

Love You!!

Tony and Rett said...

I'm here too!

Great blog! Great title too!

Now, can you come do MY laundry?

Lori said...

I'm a closet lurker, I admit.

Love the new name! It could certainly apply to my life as well...two teenage boys & one two year old little girl. Yep, tons of laundry!

I have been occasionally following your blog since just before you went to China...I promise to check in more often! I love your writing style..it's fun, fun!

Rachael said...

I made it... and i like your temporary style. I feel like I am in your bathroom but with stripes. :)

amy said...

i found you through pumpkinheadbabyco, and i love you and your family!

Sinthea said...

Hi April,

Love reading your blog- always lurking to see if Emma's cheeks are getting fuller!

mom to Kimberli Jane, Shanxi Province, SN- spina bifida

Bayliss72 said...

found it! Love reading about the escapades of your fam...

Darja said...

hi, i guess i should leave a comment since you said pretty please, but i feel really awkward because i check your blog, like, ALL the time, and you probably don't even know that i read it. how embarrassing. i feel like such a stalker.

Elizabeth Koproski said...

i've been reading your blog for a few months. I work w/ aia at UD and know Paul and have followed your adoption story a wee bit. We will hopefully bring home our son from China late spring/early fall. It would be fun to chat sometime.

Sharla said...

Hi Wish You Were Near Friend!

I'm here...I LOVE the new name! How fun!!

Hope everyone feels better soon and that you and Paul are spared!

Guess I need to change the link to your blog on my blog now...think I'll head over to do that..

Jenney said...

Perfect new name. Someone said your kids weren't feeling well Sunday when Paul came and spoke at our church. Hope everyone gets better soon!

The Russell's said...

hey april!!! i love your new blog.

nikki isaacs russell

Joy said...

Hey April.

I am another lurker. I have enjoyed ready about your journey so much. Please don't every stop posting. I can always count on your blog putting a smile on my face.

:-) Joy Cornelius

chinamom said...

I am watching Dancing with the Stars, Typing my term paper for school, and now reading Dirty Laundry. It is about time you made a new title but I understand why you didn't for awhile.


Anonymous said...

Hey it's Camille!!!!!!!!!
I guess you could consider me a lurker! I hope nobody else gets the virus!!!!! Tell Shelby I said Hi!


Wendy said...

Hi April,

I am a lurker but wanted to say hello. I am not really sure how I came about your blog, but I am very glad that I did because you always crack me up! We are waiting for our daughter from China (LID 3/14/06)



lisaji6 said...

Hi April! This is Lisa, as in Jimmy and Lisa. Love your blog and I check it often. Thanks for keeping it updated. Tell everyone Hi and keep on bloggin.

Liz said...

April!! I love it -- I'm here for ya girl!

Kim said...

Hi April! I'm here, another lurker (mostly, I've left one comment previously). I've been reading your blog since you got your referral for Mylei. (My friend was adopting from China, which led me to Rumor Queen, which led me to you. I've been here ever since. I read your blog more often than I read hers!!)

I love the name of your new blog. It's perfect. You are a wonderful mother, a talented writer, and a role model for us all! Keep up the fantastic writing.


Gina said...

Oh yay! Thanks for changing it for me! Love the new blog, and love you!

Anonymous said...

Hey April!! Emme looks great!! Loved the Halloween photos on the other blog!! I hope to email you properly soon! Still in a whirlwind here trying to get back to a somewhat normal schedule... I like your new blog name! Perfect!

Patientlywaiting said...

Hi, I found your blog through my friend, Sharla. We traveled to China at the same time as Sharla. I have been lurking for awhile now. I just have to say your posts just make me laugh. It is so great to have someone be so real about what life is like with kids! I have 4 of my own but I don't do the day to day justice like you do.

Robin in TX

Pam said...

Hey sugar! Here I am! Sorry I didn't have time to do the tag thing-I'm too tired to think of anything interesting these days!

I like the new name:)

IS5413 said...

Here. Been following since you went for precious Emme.

IS5413 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
April Isaacs said...

Whoever deleted the comment, you gotta know...


Harry and Robin said...

Hey guys -

I like the new blog - I have been having the same problem for many months now, too! We are no longer just a journey to Lyra! We need to have another Richmond get-together with kids since so many of us didn't wait for June 2006.


MississippiZen said...

I'm here :) Glad that I can follow along ... I always enjoy reading your blog!

Truly Blessed! said...

I also popped in (took the long way about -- through Miles & Miles to Mylei).