Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!! I am done blogging!

     I don't think I realized the craziness of my life until I started blogging.  I'm kinda naive that way.  So, I decided I should quit blogging and then I could just go back to being naive.  But, then I thought about it some more.  I really like writing so I'm just going to have to embrace the crazy.  At least I have something to write about.

     This week, I had had enough of Emme's spitting up,  gagging when I simply brought out her food, coughing and crying while eating.  We were up Saturday and Sunday from about 12-2 am, while she screamed and screamed and screamed, and of course, threw up.  So, Tuesday, we went to the doctor.  

     We were there for 2 hours.  She had 8 vaccinations ( 6 shots).  The doctor was very concerned about her weight and said she CAN NOT get sick.  I totally agreed.  One of the reasons I threw up the white flag was because, according to our scale, she had lost weight.  She had in fact gained 7 ounces since our last visit to the doctor three weeks ago, but the doctor said she should be gaining an ounce a day.  Emme also had her urine tested.  The nurse taped a bag to her peepee and we waited and waited and waited.  Of course she was not about to drink formula or Pedialyte or water.  Heaven forbid we speed the process along.  The doctor also scheduled an Upper GI for Monday morning and a gastro doc visit for Tuesday.  Sounds fun!

     I was also instructed to give Emme PediaSure or Whole milk and Carnation instant breakfast.  I told her I thought she had a milk allergy, but she was hesitant to agree.  So, I went out and bought Emme PediaSure.  (That was Tuesday night.)

     Paul and I were not asleep long when Emme woke up.  He went to give her a bottle.  He was back in 5 minutes  and they both were covered in old pink PediaSure.  On Wednesday, while I was trying to cook for the 26 people scheduled to come to my house for Thanksgiving,  Emme threw up 6 more times.  After the 8th throw up and the 5th bath, it dawned on me, "I bet the PediaSure has milk in it and darn it!  I knew she had a milk allergy."  GOLLY!!  How dumb!!  I paged the doctor but a nurse called me back.  She said, "If she throws up 3 more times, you need to take her to the Emergency Room."

     Well, after her extremely intelligent mother put her back on soy formula.  She was fine!

     Now, fast forward to Thanksgiving Day.  Our dinner was scheduled for 2 pm.  Our family of 6 minus Emme ran around like mad getting ready.  Paul left around 12:00 to run to the University to pick up 5 Chinese students.  (Why 12 and not 1:55??  I asked the same question.  I wanted to kill him!) I'm not going to lie.  I was stressed about them coming.  I so desperately want to open my home for people, and we usually try to do that.  But, I am spent.   

     And, how am I supposed to talk to my family, all 21 of them, and talk to Chinese students I have never met??  AHHH!!!!!  (The Chinese students are here for a year.  The don't know many people.  They don't leave their apartments except for class.  The campus is a ghost town.  I was in China for 2 weeks and felt I couldn't go out much without a guide.  I can't imagine how they feel.)

     When the Chinese students came in, after I met them, I asked them if they were scared of our food.  They said they were.  I said, "That's ok because I was scared of your food too."

    I'm just saying!

     So, trying to be the gracious host, I made things I don't normally make:  steamed rice, plain broccoli, plain corn and plain green beans. 

     When it was finally time to eat, Paul called everyone together.  He gave a very brief Thanksgiving history from a Biblical perspective.  Jackson prayed.   Then, we quickly tried to explain to the students the food on the table.

     We let the students go first.  After they filled their plates and sat down, my aunt pulled me aside.  She whispered, " I don't think that Chinese boy understands the mashed potatoes.  He took a roll, opened it up and put a whole bunch in the middle."

     I guess he liked it that way because I looked over a little later and he had another roll filled with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce on top of all of it.  Hey, to each his own!

     It was pretty uneventful dinner.  I thought the students wouldn't eat much.  Boy, was I wrong.  They ate and ate.  I think they all went back three times.  And, they hardly touched the rice.  I think my dad, however, was trying to get in touch with his Asian roots.  He ate a huge vat of rice with broccoli and gravy.

     I have stopped trying to understand people.

     Being the host, I was last to sit down to eat.  As soon as I sat down to eat, I took Emme from my mom.  I gave her a teeny speck of sweet potatoes.  She liked them, so I gave her another little bite.  She gagged.  And, yep... she unloaded all over me!  I was covered, COVERED!!   I had to change my clothes.

   Do you know why she threw up?  Because, apparently, my mom missed the memo about Emme and milk.  Never mind that I called her 20 times yesterday to tell her about Emme puking.  While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, before our guests arrived,  my mom yells at me, "Emme loves the fruit in this pie with the milk!  She's eatin 5 huge bites!!"

     With all the craziness, I wouldn't change a thing.  It's my life.  I am blessed.  And, I am very thankful!!!!!!!

     Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

     Stayed tuned for pictures tomorrow.  I have to sleep now!


Sharla said...

I'm glad that aside from Emme's stomach problems, the day went well! I could have never have pulled that off! And you even made it funny! You go girl!! BooMama, Pioneer Woman and introducing April...Suburban Super Mom!

Happy Thanksgiving friend!

Tony and Rett said...

Happy Thanksgiving Mom of the Year!

You're too sweet to open your home to others as well!

Here's too a milk-free holiday season!

Gina said...

Oh wow! It was crazy to see that all written out. I thought having my parents here was a big deal. =) I love the mashed potatoes on a roll. Things like that happened to me in England all the time, and I spoke the language. You're the hostess of the year!

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Wow! You took on a lot for Thanksgiving!! It was so good to meet you at church a bit ago. You have some great kids! Emme is such a tiny little thing and I am so sad that she is having such a hard time. I am praying for you all, especially for the "puking" and "lack of sleep". HOpe the tests on Emme give you some answers.

TCKK said...

You are one brave soul! God bless.