Monday, December 1, 2008

I am now a tree hugger... and white trash

     If you are a new reader, while we were in China (see our adoption story at look in the September archives), Hurricane Ike hit our house.  And, we live the MIDWEST- for crying out loud!!  That beautiful tree split and landed on our house.

     It's sad because it was a big (sniff)  ol' beautiful (sniff) tree and (sob) now, it's gooonne!  I had no idea I was a tree hugger.  

      To be honest I am probably more sad because when Gracie turned 5, I bought her a round, wooden swing ($19.99 on sale at Target).  We then went to Lowe's and bought a rope for $10.00.  We swung the big rope over a big branch on the tree and wa-lah!!!

     It was an instant attraction.  Parents brought their children from miles away asking and offering to pay to ride that swing.  Once the child payed, we would secure their hands on the rope, tell them to cross their legs, and then tell them to hold on for dear life.  The child would sail high in one direction, descend, and then swing equally as high in the opposite direction.  It was no match for an ordinary swing.  Not even an ordinary swing on a really cool swingset.   

      Oh, and the whole paying for rides and coming from miles around, well, that may be a slight exaggeration.

     We did have every kid in the neighborhood riding it.  They rode it so much that they wore away the grass and left a bare spot in our yard.  At first we frowned upon the beating our yard was taking.  But, then we looked at the bare spot as a badge of honor.  After all, kids are only little once.  Besides, we relished in the fact that we spent $30 on a swing that brought hours and hours of entertainment.  Kids would fight over who was next.  Screams of "Higher, higher" echoed through yard.  Meanwhile, the really cool looking swing set complete with a slide coming out of a  wooden house and a price tag of $2000, sat in our neighbors yard jealously looking at the kids, longing for the same attention.
     Can you understand the despair I felt being halfway around the world and seeing this tree on my house?? I knew the days of the swing had come to a screeching halt!

     If you look hard, you can see the lonely rope awaiting it's fate.

     Two months later, we decided it was time to part with the tree.

     We called in some professionals, Nate and Tyler.  Ok, maybe semi-professionals.  How long does it take to become a professional?  They cut down several trees last year in Tyler's yard.  Does that count? 

     At least he looked serious.  He had that going for him!  Which was nice.

     Along with the first big cut, came the first big crack.  It was a pretty cool sound if I do say so my (nervous) self.

     Now when I snapped the above picture... I was not happy.  I knew what was going on.  See, you can fool some of the people, some of the time... but it's hard to get one past this girl.  

     I knew Tyler was giving some instructions to Paul.  But, there was no need for instructions. There was no need  because that morning, before our professional, I mean, before our friends arrived, I had told Paul, "No climbing and no using a chainsaw."  What would he need instructions for?

     See, my love for Paul runs really deep and I couldn't stand to see anything happen to him.  Plus, he has no life insurance!  (He can't get life insurance because of a childhood illness.)  He is worth way more to me alive, than dead.
     Can't you just feel the love?

    "So, what you do Paul, is you take the chainsaw....."  
     Meanwhile, Nate not a bit worried that my husband has no life insurance or the fact that he has NEVER used a chainsaw, just cuts away on the easy stuff while my husband risks his life.

     See!!  Tyler even has to carry the chainsaw up the ladder.  This IS NOT how a first tree- cutting- chainsaw -lesson should start.


     I mean does that look safe to you??  If one goes down, they're both going down!

     "Ok, see that little knot above the bark, you want to cut right there!!"

     Oh, brother!

     I like the views from farther away better.  I should have just stayed in the house.

     CAREFUL, OH, CAREFUL!!!!!!!

        One more big limb.

     I started feeling really good at this point.  Everyone was still alive... including the 12 kids running around the yard.
     We were able to chop up all the limbs and lay them in 4 foot stacks along the curb outside our house.  We'll make a call and the city will come pick them up.

     The big logs were cut up too.  However, by the time we were ready for the big trunk,  darkness was descending rapidly and the temperature was plunging.  So, we quit.

     And, now, we have that large trunk laying in our yard.  Presently, it is snowing and windy and cold outside.  We are officially WT (white trash) until we get that big stick out of our yard.       

     A few other scenes from the exciting day.
     Times were tough and the excitement level was low when the kids lined up to merely climb the ladder.... to nowhere.

     The death of the swing hit hard by the looks of this scene.
     Jackson was distraught.  He didn't know how to handle his feelings so he bugged the life out of his sister.  I am pretty sure she cold cocked him about that time.

     And, the little neighbor boy behind Jackson, I think he just had to pee.

     Emme is oblivious to the whole scene.  She didn't get to experience the pleasure of the swing.  She was just glad she didn't have to eat right then! 

     "I am so glad I get to sit in the wagon.  It's way better than the high chair.  The nerve of these people trying to shove food down me.  They act like I am 15 months old and only way 13 pounds 11 ouces!"


Gina said...

One time my friend Aimee's husband Sam had to be taken to the hospital because he hit himself in the head with a chain saw while cutting down a branch of their tree. You were definitely right to be worried. =)

Emme looks so adorable in that hat. I hope things go well at the doctor today. I've been praying for you!

Sharla said...

It's snowing?! I want snow!! I'm really sorry about your swing, that would have made me really sad too, and losing the big tree.

I'm glad Paul's ok though, I hate it when they do dangerous things!

Hope you're having a good week! Emme looks adorable!


Jenney said...

I had make me laugh very hard. Ok, we had tons of tree damage in the same storm and my husband was just tickled to buy his first chainsaw. Whatever. Anyway this is an official offer if you can't use the logs from the tree we are looking for some firewood! Just contact me on my blog and you won't have to have them sitting in your yard anymore!
-one of your blog stalkers

Tony and Rett said...

You sucked me right in. I thought you were serious about the pay thing. Glad I kept reading. I was going to chuck that up on the list with you "having an aversion" to dogs. Heheheh

White trash? Naaah. Not you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about the swing, Emme looks so cute!!! I remember the swing really well although I never really got the chance to ride it. I hope you get over the tragedy!!

And by the way you are sooooooooooo not white trash!

Stephanie said...

That sucks. I've always wanted a swing like that in my front yeard. Of course, I probably need a house first... with a yard... and a tree.

I'm workin' on it.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

That was the best day I have had in a very long time :) Our crazy men and their natural born desire to break stuff, make more messes and use loud tools in the process. There is nothing we can do about it than PRAY hard that they survive it all.

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

Looks like they did a pretty good job. I'll have to talk to Nate & get him to cut down the tree in my front yard. Maybe he could get Tyler & Paul to tag along and help out!