Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Eve

     If my daughter, Shelby does not grow up to either 

    a) write songs
    b) plan events
    c) direct movies or plays

I will think the earth has fallen of it's axis.  Because she has been doing all of these things for as long as I can remember( Well, not the movies).  I am pretty sure she slid out of the womb and started singing.  I just don't remember because all I could think about was the pain of having something really big come out of something really small....  I also remember thinking that all my friends were a bunch of liars because that epidural didn't do jack squat for me.

     Anyway, she sings everything... math facts, bible verses, books, etc...  And, there have been many, many times when she is singing and I will say, "Where'd you hear that song?" or I have learned to just say, "Is that a real song?"  Her songs really are that good... sometimes.

     And, if she is not singing, she is planning something.  For instance, she already has a title for the family vacation that we will be taking in September with Paul's side of the family.  Holden Beach Goes International.  She has informed everyone that between now and then we need to research a country.  Then, while on VACATION, we are to give a report on our country.  On the last night, we are to prepare a food from our country and then we all settle down to an international feast.  

     We humor her for awhile, but then at some point, if the monster planner is not stopped, we end up with some crazy event.  You know how I know this???  Because two years ago, she planned a prom.  Nobody ever stopped her and before I knew it, I had kids dressed up at my house waiting to dance and eat pizza.  You think I am kidding!

     So, it was no surprise to me that when she found out her 6 (soon to be 7) cousins were coming in from Alabama, a Christmas play was quickly in the works.  Parts were assigned, a script was written and a list of necessary materials was thrust into my hands.  I scratched most of the things off the list.  Paint?  "Oh, it's ok if  it's hot pink".... because certainly The Inn and the stable and manger were HOT PINK!!!!!!!

     I think she was given access to a box and some scissors.  Ok, and some costumes.  I'll warn you now, they are rough costumes.  It was a very low budget production.

     We also had to get the keyboard over to the grandparents house... because what's a play without music and sound effects?

     There were several scares that the production might not make it off the ground.   I mean, baby Jesus (aka Emme) was not about to cooperate.  And, Jackson and David... they DID NOT want to be shepherds!!  

     But, alas, the play began.

The angel (Camille) announcing the birth of Jesus.  Although, now that I think about it, I am not sure she said a word.

Here's Jackson, the shepherd.  Can you see why he might balk at the idea?  Poor fella.

Shelby made good use of her box- it became the stable.  I noticed there was also a gold bow that I think was supposed to be the star.  That was not on the list of materials and I believe it was stolen.  And, poor Joseph (Joe), he's having a hard time keeping his composure.

Joseph and Mary (Gracie) greeting the sheperds.

And, there's a shot of the director and the videographer.

     You should know that about this time, the play turned into complete mayhem.  Now that I think about it, I am not sure anyone actually said any lines.  Big surprise.  Instead, the director announced the events as they were occurring... changing the music when necessary with the keyboard you can see at her side.

      When the director changed the music to Joy to the World and announced that there was some rejoicing, dancing, or possible moshing, took place.  The stable was torn down and costumes came ripping off.

     I think the play lasted a total of.... um .... 3 minutes.

    You know, it was very funny.  But, it was also VERY precious.  I know these things won't go on forever.  So, while I have a little fun with it, it is memories that I will forever treasure.  And, as for Shelby and all her crazy planning... I really love it.  She is so fun and creative.  She is also very teachable with a very sweet spirit that loves the Lord.  I can't wait to see what he does with her.

Until then, I will enjoy watching her.  Here she is conning her sister out of her brand new DS before going to bed on Christmas Eve.  And, apparently, she is a bit absent-minded like her mother.  She has Christmas written on her hand.  I mean, she might just forget if it's not on her hand.

And, for some reason, Jackson needed to play his DS in Emme's crib??

Merry Christmas to all... and to all a great 2009!


Darja said...

awww that was sweet.
but really, "slid out of the womb"- did you have to say it like that???? :)

Gina said...

That is so Shelby! I love it. We call Anthony little Shelby all the time because he's always singing. =) I loved the pictures!

Jodi said...

I so enjoyed reading about your talented daughter! I used to do plays and the such with my family and loved every single minute of it all! Out of my three kids not a one has showed the least bit of interest (darn!), so thank your lucky stars! Happy New Year!

TCKK said...

How cute that must have been! The pics are adorable.

Abby said...

Okay, so just when I thought things couldn't get any funnier, I decided to read this blog entry to Steve, because he wanted to know what was making me laugh so hard to wet myself. In any case, I read it out loud and he says, "Wow, I never knew April was funny." Oh Steve!