Friday, January 9, 2009

Emme and her eating issues (oh, and my issues too!)

     First of all, I just want to reiterate, that I, have issues.  I have said it in the past (click here). But, I have reached an all new level.  

     I have neglected my blog.  And, it's not because I don't have time to write.  I have time.  3 times a day I have forced down time.   Two times a day, I lay down with Emme until she falls asleep for her naps.  At night, I lay down with Jackson while he falls asleep.  During those times, I always have my computer with me.  What else am I supposed to do?

     I used to write in my blog during those times.  I wrote in my blog during those times, until Dec 11.  On Dec 11, I made my usual rounds to my favorite blogs.  BooMama is one of my favorites.  On Dec 11, she had a post entitled Crackwords (click).  She talked about some game she found that she couldn't stop playing.  

     I should have stopped there.  But, I am nosey (no comments from the Peanut Gallery), so I had to dig around to find the name of the game.  Oh, I found it alright!  

    It's called Pathwords.  It's just a silly word game.  There's a bunch of letters and one has to make a path from the letters to find words.  Each game last 5 minutes.  What's worse is.... it's played on Facebook so you play against all your friends and it ranks you in order according to score.  It's not even about the score or the ranking anymore.  I just can't stop.  I see words in my sleep.  I see words all day and think, "Ewww... I bet I can make that word on Pathwords."  

     I am too embarrassed to tell you how much of my life I have wasted on this game?  Ok, how about a prize for the closest guess?  (I'll do anything for a comment or two.) (Hint: guess in hours... how embarrassing!) (Darja, (she lives with us), you can't guess!  And, you can't tell Gina!)

Enough of that...

     This picture has nothing to do with Emme and her eating issues.... I just love the picture.

     Our friends came in from South Carolina over Christmas break.  Those two cute blond boys... that's 2 of their 3 children.

     I think we are going to be old-school and go back to arranged marriages.  Our girls are going to marry those boys.  Won't they have the cutest kids?  I mean, David, the one holding Emme, wanted to hold Emme.  What 13/14 year old boy wants to hold a baby?  Where's the contract?


    Last Tuesday morning we headed out at 7:30 am, IN AN ICE STORM, to take Emme an hour away to the children's hospital.  We had an appointment at 9 am to see the feeding team.

     In case you are unfamiliar with Emme's eating issues, let me just give you the rundown.  There's a laundry list of them.  She frequently throws up.  She starts gagging and coughing when you put her in her highchair to eat.  She cries when the feeding begins.  She TRIES to throw up her food.

     We have had found nothing anatomically that would cause this behavior.  So, apparently, we needed a team to figure it out.

     We talked for awhile, told them all about Emme, played for awhile, etc...  Then, they wanted to see her eat.

     We were to bring a variety of foods.  Things she likes ( Uh.... NOTHING!!)  baby food, food with textures, etc...  We were also to bring all the things we use during her feedings... spoons, cups, bowls...

     You know how kids NEVER perform when you want them to???  We'll not this time!  She was true to Emme form.  She gagged, she cried, she coughed, she tried to throw up.

     When it was over, I was so excited for this team to tell us all the things we were doing wrong.   After all, we tell her "no" when she starts to gag and cough.  It makes her cry.  Certainly, this can not be the right approach.   If she throws up, we make her eat more. Meals are supposed to be pleasant.  They sure the heck are for me:-)

     Do you know what they told us?  They said, "You guys are doing a great job.  You are doing everything right."   Can you believe that I DID NOT want to hear that?

     I wanted them to tell me what to do!

     They even said her chewing was good!  They her responses to food are learned behaviors.  At one time, it probably hurt really bad to eat (reflux), so she didn't want to eat.  But, since she is upright more, walking.  And, since she is developing a lot of muscle, this should not be an issue.  I guess strengthening the core helps with the reflux.

     They said that she is going to be fine.  If they didn't believe that, they said they would be having us come in weekly and talk about a feeding tube.

     The team gave us a higher calorie formula.  Information on some kind of powder we can buy to sprinkle on her food.  It's 45 calories a tsp.  I'll probably get this mixed up with my sugar free Stevia and blow up like a balloon.  Good heavens!

     Anyway, since that time.  Guess how many times she's thrown up?  (I'll get there is a second.)

     It's like she knew her jig (good Pathwords word) was up.  After the marathon appt, we went to lunch and she was  sticking a fork in Paul's chili and eating it!!  Are you kidding me?  DO you know how much money that appointment probably cost me?

     After we had been home awhile and Jackson had had enough time to illegally eat his snack in the family room  AND leave it on the coffee table...... this is what I walked in and witnessed...  

     Sorry for the poor quality photos.  They are from my phone.

     Emme has thrown up twice in the last week.  Once because I gave her a bite of her cousin's birthday cake.  I think it was too dry and she gagged.  A small amount of the food she had just eaten came up.

    The other time was last night.  It was because I stepped on her hand.  I think it hurt so bad she threw up!  Poor thing!!

    So, there.  Basically, you are caught up.  I am done with Pathwords.  I have confessed it as a sin.  Unless of course, any of you have any really good words that start or have the letters v, k and z in them.  Kidding... just kidding!!!


Darja said...

april. that is the hardest i have ever laughed at one of your blog posts. i laughed out loud so hard that my intern friend lindsey said "what is so funny? send me a link to that! i need to read it!"

maybe the phrase "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true for blogs too? otherwise you are just REALLY funny.

Darja said...

p.s. do i have to stop playing pathwords in front of you since you quit? would that be like drinking in front of a recovering alcoholic? i'm not sure what the protocol is for things like this.

Gina said...

She's back!! YESSS!!! I cannot believe the reason that I haven't heard from you in weeks and you haven't blogged in weeks, is because you've been playing PATHWORDS! I mean, I can believe it, but I can't believe you're still on that addiction. I've been had like 4 separate addictions/recoveries since then! First it was Twilight, then Pathwords, then Felicity on need to learn to branch out a little. =)

I won't even tell anyone how many hours you've spent on it. I hope someone guesses right though. Do they get a prize?

I can't believe Emme! She is so stubborn isn't she? She must have finally decided that she was ready for some food. Obviously she isn't doing it because you want her to. She decided on her own! =) A girl after my own heart.

Alright, I'm glad you're back. I missed you! Love ya!

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Missed your entries. Glad your back! I need a laugh every now and then:)
Glad Emme is doing better.

Abby said...

Ah, back to the land of the living. I'm so glad. I as getting really tired of RE reading your old post about Shelby becoming an actress; although it was funny EVERY time. :) That little Emme. Ironic isn't it that when you are her age, you don't want to eat and when you are my age, you wish you had some gastrointestinal issue that forced you to put the 2nd helping back.
Ah yes, and Pathwords. Thanks for passing on the addiction via Gina. I am pretty sure that's a greater sin than the addiction itself. But while I am admitting my new found sin, I'd like to take a second to boast of my recent position move to 2nd. Boo YA!

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are so cute... did you know that computers are the same way... I had to take our laptop to the macstore (all the way in Centerville...) because it wasn't charging... it charged once I got there!

Anyways, glad to see her appetite has picked up some zeal... otherwise I could suggest bringing over Sophia who likes to eat everything in sight and beg like a dog and maybe they'd rub off on each other and find a middle ground... maybe...

Elizabeth Bergeron said...

Hi April,
I've been away for a bit too so don't stress over it!! It's nice to hear that little Miss Emme is going to try her hand with some food now! Isn't just like our children to get us to the point where we KNOW there is something wrong and seek out that specialist only to have them be just fine. :) IT's actually a good thing in the long run. I read thru the posts, love the photos of the kids in their Christmas finery. We will be back up to your church again, just have to visit some of the places that have been involved with the work we are doing. :) Looking forward to seeing you then.

Sharla said...

I am cracking up! And yes, I'm late checking in, but not because of Pathwords...that's in honor of your comment on my blog! LOL!!

I was actually doing something productive and spiritual, for once in my life!! Studying Daniel and cleaning out our house! I'm just so tired of stuff!!

I'm so glad Emme is doing better! I LOVE the photos... I bet she starts growing like crazy now!!


Shawnstribe said...

yay Emme is eating!!!! Precious babe

Chubby Baby Designs said...

I have heard bad bad things about that habit forming Pathwords...oh I shouldn't even spell out the word...EVIL, pure evil I've heard. So I haven't even been tempted to try it! Yes, my will is that strong. No really, who am I kidding, I can't spell worth a lick! And unless you can get points or whatever for spelling phonetically ( is that even spelled right?) I would NOT do well at all with it. So in order to not bring more shame to my lack of spelling skills, I don't even know what that game looks like. So sad!
Anyway, so glad your back :)
What are we gonna do with little stinker Emme?? She's a pistol! Can't get enough of her though...speaking of...I miss her!

Tony and Rett said...

1. I'm guessing 4 hours a day :)

2. SO loved those pictures with the pudding ring on her face!

3. Praising God her feeding issues are becoming less of an "issue".

4. A word with an X in it? Exuberant! I just love that word!

Truly Blessed! said...

Love the forbidden snack photos. I, too have pictures of a certain ...someone ingesting (or rather wearing) some of her brother's chocolate pudding (probably not as many, though!).

Anyway, glad you're back...

Jodi said...

LOVE ... Love those shots of Emme feeding herself one of the most yummy things on earth - chocolate pudding! FB is wonderful, but I haven't played your "game" yet! I should resist. . . right? I stink at spelling, so I would probably be a bad player. Oh well, glad you are in your usual funny form. You make me laugh out loud and I haven't had much to laugh at lately! Take care!