Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Top Ten

     So, I took a little break from the world o blogs... or a big break.

    Since a lot has happened since Dec 19, my last post, I thought I would take a few days to highlight our ever eventful life from the Christmas season.

     Today, I give you:

     The Top Ten Events of Christmas with the Isaacs (in no particular order).


       I mean, my body was present and accounted for.  But, I was so sick on Christmas that I barely made it to my mom's.  Once I was there, I laid on the couch for 4 hours.  Slept right through dinner and who knows what else with 12 adults and 10 (11 if you count the one in my little brother's wife's oven) little kids running around.

     If you can't pull it together on Christmas Day with 4 little ones.... you must be sick.  That is why we:  A) don't have many pictures from that particular day  B) Jackson wore his pj's ALL day and C) the whole gang looked a bit rough.
     I was actually sick (severe achy body, fatigue, stomach virus, etc...) from Christmas Eve until Dec 29.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!


        Paul asking, "How many times do you need to go shopping?"  

        I am pretty sure he still believes in Santa Claus.  He thinks Christmas just happens... it's like magic!


     Making sugar cookies with the kids.  I don't know why they like this so much.  They never look like the ones in the magazines.  As a matter of fact, they are scary ugly.  And, I am pretty sure Jackson went into diabetic shock with the amount of icing and sprinkles he ingested with one cookie.  Nonetheless, a little Christmas music and lots of sugar is always a good time and a good memory.


     We have a tradition of going to dinner and a movie during the Christmas holiday.  Hollywood always seems to release several of acceptable movies during this time.  

     This year, we decided to see Bolt in 3D.  It cost $48 for us to see a matinee showing.  After they revived me with the smelling salt..... good golly!! Is it necessary for a movie to cost that much?!!  We all really loved the movie even though Scrooge here would allow nothing from the concession stand.

     After the movie, we went out to a nice dinner.  Then we walked around the mall.

     In the mall, Emme grew tired of the stroller so Paul carried her.  Jackson seized the opportunity to be wheeled around.  At one point, I felt the stroller tipping.  Jackson was bending down to pick up a $2o surrounded by other $20 dollar bills... laying in the middle of the mall!!!!

     We gave the information desk our name and number in case someone came looking for their $80!  But, alas, no one called.  

     Guess how much I gave Jackson?  NONE!  It almost paid for dinner and the movie.  Thank you Jesus!


         Need I say more?


         If you can imagine a 3 month old walking, then you can imagine what our little Emme looks like walking around.  Yep, she's walking!!

         In 3 1/2 months, Emme went from not being able to roll over to walking!  She can also go up and down all the steps in our house.  

         In November, we had a well-check for Emme.  4 weeks later, on Dec 28, we went back to the doctor for a weight check.  Guess how much she gained?  Nothing!  0!  Nada!  Not one ounce. We are now scheduled to see a feeding team on Tuesday.  The following Tuesday we are scheduled for a video swallow study.  Sounds fun, huh?

     She did grow a little over a half an inch.

4.       Emme and Elmo

          About a month before Christmas, Gracie and I went to Toys R Us with Emme.  While we were there, we showed  her Elmo... the one that blows kisses, dances, tells stories, etc...  At the store, Elmo is only demo mode.  So, the only thing he does is blow kisses.  I think Gracie and I pushed the button about 20 times.

      My mom and I went in together to buy Elmo for Emme.  We let her open it at my mom's so we all could see her.  The minute she could see Elmo she blew him a kiss... just like he does.  She remembered it from the store!!  Everyone was cracking up!  She is so smart!


       Or, at least he gave it his best shot!  He opened guitar hero and started putting stickers all over the guitar... not in the right places.  Like over top of things that needed to be opened thereby ruining the stickers.  

     Then, he received the coveted Nintendo DS from his grandparents on Christmas Eve.  Thank goodness.  If I heard DS one time in November and December, I heard it a million times

     I knew he was getting it so I bought him a case for it.  The case is intended to protect the DS.  It is designed so that the when the case is opened, the DS itself opens... except when you put the DS in BACKWARDS!!!!  So, we couldn't get the case off because when we tried to open the case, the case was trying to open the DS... at the hinged joint.  I just knew we were going to break the DS.  But, we only ended up breaking the case.  Grrr!!

         2.  Wii Fit

                I never could find a Wii Fit.  But, Paul's parents did!  So, they bought it for us for Christmas!  Yea!!  I love it!  

               I was too sick to get on it until 5 days after Christmas.  Now, I am the Wii Fit hog!!  Hey, I missed out on a lot of time!


             We all call this friend Miss Pam.  Of course, her name is Pam, but even Paul and I call her Miss Pam.  

             I'll have to tell you the whole Miss Pam story another time... it's a good one.

             But, what you need to know is.... Miss Pam only lives 3 1/2 hours away.  She had to fly because her husband wouldn't let her drive.  She's 44 years old.

             He was so worried she'd get a flat tire.  She argued and pleaded and begged.  Then about a week and half before she was to come, she got a flat tire, on the highway, in the driving rain.  She told him the flat tire was out of the way, but to no avail.  If she wanted to come by herself, she had to fly.

            I about ruptured my bladder when she told me she may have to have a layover in Atlanta first.  Atlanta is a good 10 hours from my house!

           She found a direct flight and she arrived the day after Christmas.  Yep, I was sick!  And, if that wasn't bad enough, we picked her up and drove an hour and half so I could see another friend that I had already planned to see who lives on the West Coast.  9 hours later, we made it back to my house.

        The next day I either slept or paid tribute to the porcelain God.  It was a great trip for her... not!!!

       Although, she met and fell in love with Emme.  And, I guess that really was the point of the trip.

      Hope you all had a great Chirstmas!!  Anything interesting happen to you?


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I am sorry you were so sick during Christmas..Hope you are feeling MUCH better. Well, the photo you posted looks great...You had me literally laughing out loud by this entry..Thanks..I really needed it.
Happy New Year.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

You found my money!!! Oh thank you, I've been wondering where I might have lost it. I can tell you that each bill has a president on that good enough?

So glad you are back...we have missed you here!!!

I'm kinda mad at my new Wii Fit...apparently I'm chubby

Jenney said...

My mom and I are laughing very hard...and wishing our toilet (mine, not hers) was not out of the bathroom due to new flooring beause we are laughing that hard. Nice post!

Gina said...

Oh April! I can't believe that you were so sick over Christmas! At least you didn't have to worry about gaining weight. I love a good stomach flu when I'm trying to lose weight so at least you can think of the positives! =)

Plus you find more money than any person I've ever met! I find things like a dollar. You find $80. What is that all about?? Glad you're back to the blog world!