Tuesday, May 18, 2010

To the Mountains of North Carolina Day #2

For Day #2 in the mountains, we decided to head to a place called the Fields of the Wood.  And, you know, now that I think about it.... just the name alone... I should have known.  The fields of the wood... what does that even mean?  Is it woods?  Is it a field?  A field in the woods.  I've been there and I am still not even sure about the title.  I do know that if I had seen the complete title of the place, I am not sure I would have gone.

You see, I have issues with words anyway. (Click here to read a post about words that get on my last nerve.)  And, since hanging out with Janae, we have officially given ourselves the title: Word Police.  There are lots of words we don't like and even more business names that we hate.  For instance, one day this truck drove down her street and it said The Nice Guys of Propane.  For real?  That's the best name you could come up with?

Anyway, the official title is Fields of the Wood BIBLE PARK.  

BIBLE PARK???!!!  Are you kidding me?  Please, don't get me wrong.  I LOVE the Bible.  There is no way to tell you how much I love God's word, but a BIBLE PARK?  You're just going to have to go check out the link for yourself.  (Click Here.)

So, we made our way around this Bible park trying to understand someone coming up with this idea.  It was all very perplexing to me.  Whoever it was... they had great intentions and it's a tribute to God's word.  And, truthfully, it really doesn't matter where I am... if I have my little family (ok, so we're not so little), but if I have my husband and my kids and another favorite family with me... I can have fun anywhere.  

You know why?  Because wherever I am... things happen.

Let's start with the 200 stairs you can climb... go look at the pictures if you haven't already.  

When we were leaving the house for the day, I initially grabbed my tennis shoes, but then when I saw Janae was not wearing tennis shoes, I changed my mind and grabbed these really flimsy flip-flops.  And, I am still paying for that... I'll get there in a minute.

We started up those 2oo steps with 11 people.  When we came down those steps, we had a 12th person.  Gee... maybe that's what happens at Bible parks.  Jesus had 12 disciples, right?  The disciples followed Jesus around.  They went where He went and did what He did, right?   Same thing happened to us!!  This little girl, Novalle, all of a sudden went wherever we went and did whatever we did.

After climbing the mountain, we went to check out the replica of Jesus' tomb.  Once back on the outside of the tomb, I told all the kids to get in front of the tomb for a picture.

And, Novalee, the little girl in the black and white lined right up.  She didn't ask if she could be in the picture.  She most certainly never waited for an invitation.  It was like she'd been with us all her life... made herself right at home in between Sue and Gracie.

Then, Novalee and Gracie had a nice little chat as we walked along to our next destination.

We went to eat lunch, compliments of Michael, at the Bible Park cafe. (Great food, by the way.) Emme's putting on the shades.  She's trying to hide herself.  She gets so tired of every where we go hearing... 

"Aww!  How old is she?"

  2 1/2.

"Really?  She's cute.  Little."


"That her shoes?"

Yep, her shoes squeak.

"Bet you can always find her."


I kid you not.  I have had that same conversation a million times!!

While we were waiting for our food, this lady's rear was way to close for the comfort of Michael and Janae.

Oh!!  And, look!!  There's Novalee.... joining us for lunch.

"Novalee, can we do anything to make your time with us more enjoyable?"

Toward the end of our lunch, Janae and I bolted when Michael decided to tell the Bible Park Cafe people that they were not very friendly.  It's true.  They weren't very friendly.  But, for one with zero confrontation skills, it was more than I could handle.

So, we went outside and sat by a little pond.  We started talking to a lady who was sitting on a bench.  Underneath the bench was her dog, who kept barking at us.  I think he had little man's disease.  But, come to find out, she was a little woman.  Her name was Sally and Sally would not come over and see us.  I didn't really care.  I can take or leave all Sally's of the world.  But, the next thing we knew, the bread truck pulled up (you can see it in the background.)  The woman on the bench shot up, grabbed Sally, and then proceeded to hand Sally to Janae saying, "Can you hold Sally?  I'll be right back."

For real?!  Who does that?

So, there's Janae and Sally.  They're friends now.

And, there's the kids feeding the fish.  Oh and there's Novalee.  She's still with us!

We parted ways in the parking lot.  We kept looking in our rear view mirror to see if Novalee was following us.  I probably should mention that she was with her grandma and mom, but she was clearly running that show.

Next, we went to play at the beach/rock/sand/ lake.  The kids had such a great time you would have thought we were in St Lucia or something.

Why does Emme's belly look like she swallowed a small farm animal?

The kids enjoying the surf... or the water.  Whatever.

And, they look thrilled.  

While those two were "resting", I was scaling the rocks of some cliff making sure I could see 3 of our wanderers who were in the water.  I am pretty sure that's where my foot completed it's stress fracture.

Yep!  Never had a broken bone... until now.  Actually, while we were in NC, my doctors called to tell me I have a vitamin D deficiency.  With a vitamin D deficiency, your body doesn't absorb calcium.  So, I think Zumba, wearing tennis shoes that were worn down while Zumba-ing (I'm using that word Janae!  You can't stop me!), hiking for hours in flip flops, and a vitamin deficiency was more than my foot could handle.  Darn it!

Anyway, Emme trying to figure out Janae's tatoo.

When we arrived back at the house after our adventures, Michael made a trashcan turkey and Janae and I made all the sides.

Put turkey on stake
Cover turkey with trashcan and put charcoal on top on trashcan and all around the base.  Makes an awesome turkey!

While we were eating, Paul said, "I miss Nova Lee."

We cracked up especially since he called her Nova Lee ....
instead of Novalee. (Same thing... just stressing a different syllable).

Day # 3 of our trip... coming soon.  Don't miss it!


Lori said...

That's so funny!!! Especially Novalee!

I miss her too.

Gina said...

I miss Novalee too! And that turkey is crazy. I've never seen anything like that!!

p.s. why are the verification words SO HARD on your comment thing? Why can't they be actual words. It makes me want to not leave a comment. =)

Tony and Rett said...

Awww, Novalee...sweet Novalee...


What cracks me up is the Delicious Hamburger Cafe..they couldn't come up with something like, Red Sea Cafe, or Fishers of Men Cafe?

Jenney said...

This was a long long long post! Next time I'll have to get a snack ready. And I can't wait for next time because this has been a great trip so far :o)

WEIRD about Novalee. I hope her family paid for her lunch!