Monday, April 6, 2009

Words I hate

                         WORDS I HATE

     The definition of sneak used as a noun- a underhand or contemptible person.  The definition of sneak as a verb- to go in a stealthy or furtive manner, slink, sulk.

     The definition of a sneaker- one who sneaks.

     There are words that just absolutely get on my last nerve.  I don't know why, I can't help it.  When I hear these words being used, I get a bit mad.  Sometimes, my skin even starts to crawl.  Why?  I guess because I am quirky.

     So, I am going to tell you the words I hate the most.  And, if you use them, I want to know if you have really thought about them.  If you haven't really thought about them, then you need to.

     Clearly, the first word I hate is sneaker.  Why in the world do people call shoes sneakers?  Are they sneaking around?  Are they underhanded or contemptible?  

     What do I call those type of shoes?  I call them tennis shoes or gym shoes.  Now, I know you are going to ask me the same questions?  Do I play tennis or "gym" in these shoes?  Not every time I wear them, but I could.  I usually use tennis shoes to work out or hike or walk or do some kind of recreational activity.  Rest assured, I am not sneaking around!

     So, I hate the word sneakers!  Hate it!  Hate it! Hate it!

     I also hate the word snack bar.  Why?  I don't know, I just do.  But, even worse than snack bar is a word I saw when visiting the Hoover Dam.  By the way, we went to Las Vegas to visit some friends (Hey Scott and Kristy!) who were stationed at Nellis Air Force Base.  On our way to the Hoover Dam, Paul and Scott could NOT stop saying things like(with Kristy and I rolling our eyes the whole time):  We have to park in the dam parking garage.  We have to pay a dam fee to park. We have to wear a dam hat to walk around on the tour.   The dam tour cost $25, too much dam money. We have to eat at the dam snackateria.  Snackateria??!!  Are you kidding me?  I didn't eat anything from that place.  I may hate that word more than any word in the world.  So, we did not eat at the dam snackateria.  It costs too much dam money!  (haha!)

    The word that has really gotten on my nerves lately is BBQ.  It's not so much the word as much as it is people saying they are going to a BBQ.  They are not going to a barbeque.  I can count on one finger how many times I have been to a BBQ.  A BBQ is where barbequed food is served.  Barbequed food has barbeque sauce on it!!  If barbeque sauce is not going to be on the food, then the name of the function needs to be changed to a cookout out.  Or, one needs to say we are grilling out.

     In conclusion, I do not like when people say noonish (or any -ish when referring to time).  I also do not like self-righteousness, Chinese food, dogs or the smell of foreign countries.  Thank you very much.  Have a nice day!

P.S.  What words do you hate?


Abby said...

OKay, so I have hated and will always hate the word MOIST. It makes me queasy and I suddenly feel like I've been propelled back to sex education class. I also despise the word LUBRICATE. See former reason. I also have a hard time when people use the word DELICIOUS, LUSHIOUS, or anything with a IOUS on the end when pronounced in a haughty manner. i.e. "Why this salmon patty with sprinkled parmesan is just delicious." Ugh. Oh yes, and the list gets longer. I HATE, YES HATE the word PANTIES and BREASTS. In my world, they are underwear and boobs. Ever notice how people leave out the t on panties and it becomes PANNIES. EVEN WORSE. I could keep going...but I won't.

Jenney said...

I hate when people say "A couple of three". It is either a couple, as in 2, or it is 3. It cannot be a couple of three. If you haven't heard this expression it goes like this; Just get me a couple of three of those and I'll pay you back later. Do you want 2 or 3? DECIDE.
I also hate the word "ain't". It sounds so uneducated. How hard is it to speak English?
I also hate the word "fooler" when referring to a pacifier. Fooler? Really? I don't care if you want to call it a Nuk, bink, paci, whatever, just don't call the stupid thing a "fooler". That gets on my nerves.
I think I may be quirky too. If you want to know just HOW quirky I am, see today's post on how I feel about police officers...

Tony and Rett said...

WOW, I don't think I have ever felt as passionate about a word as you have. And I'm a Language Arts teacher!

However, I have many pet peeves. One of them is when people use the word across(ed) or across(t). There IS no T or ED on the end of across! Ex. I saw him across the room. ACROSS people, GET IT RIGHT!

I'll be back. I'm sure I'll think of more.

TCKK said...

I hate it when people say something "sucks". It just sounds so crass. And the other one I hate is when people say "freaking' this or that. Same as the other, they are just crass words.

Well anyway, that's my opinion. My kids don't agree with me, but I guess that's normal. lol

gnangle04 said...

Off the top of my head, I hate it when people say DEATH instead of DEAF. I hate GIT R DONE, NAKKIN instead of NAPKIN (big pet peeve). I really hate the words, and especially the act of FARMERS' BLOW.... so disgusting!! And I'm with Abby on the word MOIST, it just sounds, I don't know, gross.
I could go on all day about my repulsion to slang for male and female anatomy, but I'm going to go eat lunch instead.

Lori said...

Wow...what can I say here (trying to avoid your hated words)...hmmm, I hate the work, lookit. Ok, that's not even a word but I hear it a lot. Oh and A LOT...two words, not one (that also bugs me). Their/they're/there misused bugs me. To/too...another pet peeve when misused.

Ok, I could think of a lot more...but I really need to do something productive besides getting all worked up (again) about such things (I did an entire blog post on grammar a while back).

Oh, and I loved your dam story.

Lori said...

Oh I forgot one...hisself (not sure how to spell it because IT'S NOT A WORD!) instead of himself.

Really, I gotta go.

Nicole's Mom said...

I can not stand that saying " My Bad" People are to lazy to say, Oh its my fault.

Sharla said...

I have a few words that I don't care for but somehow it doesn't seem appropriate to list them publicly... I guess my pet peeve related to words though is when people add a letter that doesn't belong in the word, like warsh, instead of wash...or when they leave off an ending goin' instead of going.

And yes, when I fall into my southern drawl and start talkin' to fast, I start droppin'
my 'g's drives me crazy!

John and Debi said...

I can't think of any words that I particularly dislike that are within the realm of decency. I do not care for styrofoam coolers though. And people who put fake flowers outside in their flower beds. And it bugs me when people don't take their turn at a 4-way-stop. And I think Golden Corral and buffets in general are disgustingly dirty.

Kristy said...

I hate it when people say "axe" instead of "ask" and "ah-ite" instead of "alright". Of course, I teach 6th grade, so I could go on and on about the words that my kids misuse.

momto4girls said...

Okay, I don't like party when used as "party of 6." We eat out a lot more than we should and believe me, when we all eat out it is not usually a party. I also cannot seem to make the "real" words for girl and boy parts sound like a natural part of everyday vocabulary.
BTW- This was fun and refreshing!

Kyndle said...

I hate when people say am in the morning as in it is 7 am in the morning..Am means in the morning it is one or the other...I also HATE when people say ATM means automated teller machine so adding another machine is ridiculous!!! By the way I am Kyndle, I love your Blog,,,I want to adopt from China as soon as I get married!

Gina said...

I say sneakers. SO THERE!

Still love me?