Monday, June 14, 2010

Do 3rd graders....?

If there were 180 days of school this year, Jackson cried before 162 of them.  

He's had a whole 3 days off now, so we decided to send him to Bible school tonight.  

Yeah, that pretty much went over like a lead balloon.  But, guess what?  He doesn't make the decisions in this house (all the time), so he went.

We did give into his pleas and we said he could go into the same class as his sister, Gracie.  

While I was registering them, that seemed like it was going  to be a bit of a problem.  But, after checking with some of the "powers that be", they consented to a 1st grader going into the 3rd grade class.  As the lady was finishing the paper work, I got my serious face on.  I am pretty sure I even pointed my finger at him and I said, "I'm telling you what buddy... you better act like a 3rd grader."

He looked back at me very intently and gently nodded his head in agreement.  The wheels were spinning and with a very serious look on his face and a very serious tone of voice he said, "Do third graders fart?"

"Because what if I have to?"

I thought I was going to die!

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Sweet Floweret said...

OH my word. I almost died when I read that! So funny!