Friday, June 12, 2009

Just wondering....

Hahaha!! Incontinence... can you hold? HOLD!! Get it??!! Hahaha!

I am assuming the vast majority of readers of this crazy blog is women.... minus the guy who is one of my followers. I have a hard time understanding why any man would want to read this blog. Sometimes, I wonder why any of you woman read, but right now that is neither here nor there.... (Guys, just giving you time to bail. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

So, I have been having some issues of the female kind. It's recurring and it's VERY ITCHY .... and.... I think I have said enough.

We have some really good friends, Jim (male) Kris (female) (Hey, just didn't want any misunderstanding. After all, Kris Allen is a guy.) OK, Jim is an OB GYN. Awhile back, I called Kris to ask if she could have her husband call me in the one dose pill that would clear up the issue. He did and it worked for awhile.

The issue is back. I called Kris again. Kris said, "I'll call Jim."

A little bit later, she called me back and said, "He thinks you need to be seen. He said he's in his office at the hospital if you want to run down."

Um, excuse me?

NO! This is where I draw the line. I am all about saving money and that was a really nice offer, I think. But, if I went to visit Jim for THAT, our friendship would be over. I could no longer sit around having a nice dinner with Jim and Kris... ever again. OR do a Bible study or go to their house on a lake for a little vacation.

And, do you know that my husband could not understand why I wouldn't go? HELLO! We are not talking about an issue with my big toe.

Honestly, I will never understand guys.

Ladies, would you go have your yearly exam with your guy OB GYN friend? If this doesn't get some comments.... NOTHING WILL!!


Lori said...

AAAHHH!! No way would I go to an OB/GYN guy that I know!! I don't even like going to male doctor's that I DON'T know! And I know that my husband would probably freak out if someone we have dinner with or go to Bible study with...had seen me...down there. Even if it was strictly professional.

I have to tell you that my hubby reads a select few of my blogs that I follow. And one day he was surfing through the latest posts on my dashboard and the one you posted about repairing your refrigerator caught his eye so he read it. And he was very impressed!! He is an electrical contractor and he can fix anything...but he told me to make sure we remember that repair site in case we need it!

Love the cartoon!! I'm reminded that I've delivered two babies every time I get on a trampoline. *sigh*

Gina said...

I'll comment.


I would not.


In a Million Years.

The End

Darja said...

have you tried ironing your underwear?

Darja said...

also, my friend rachel goes to a family (guy) friend. i think some people feel LESS uncomfortable with someone they know...while other people feel MORE uncomfortable. i'm with you on this one, i think.

momto4girls said...

Nope, no way! I don't even like carrying on the pretend conversation. I want them to hurry and leave... get in and get out. :)

Kristy said...

Uh,NOT A CHANCE IN HADES!!!! Not for a million dollars! Not for all the money the US Mint could print!


Joy said...

there are a lot of things I would do. been known to take a dare or two over the years....but NOT ON YOUR LIFE. If the situation were reversed, Paul...what would you say....hummmmmmm?

Anonymous said...


I'll leave it at that.

Simply No.

(PS... I so found a pictures from Camp Kern of you today...)

The Gang's Momma said...

No. Thankyouverymuch. NO.

Jesse J. said...

OK, I know this sounds weird, but I am a guy and I usually don't read your blog, but because he sparked my interest by only saying LADIES read this, you had to know that us Men would probably look - Sorry! - but with that being said.

From a guy's perspective NO WAY! NO WAY! and did I say NO WAY! Especially if you would have see this person again....and I am all about free / cheap discount things too. Probably should get it looked at, but with someone you never see but in the office, ESPECIALLY if your husband sees him periodically. Questions for a Doc friend are one thing, when it goes to the next level "HECK NO!" - ask your-self this question - would you want your husband to get his "junk" checked out by a "girl" friend that you see periodically?

Again sorry for the intrusion!

Sharla said...

A very simple...NO WAY!!!!!

Jenney said...


Anonymous said...

In a word NO. When I was in high school I had a lot of female problems and had to go to a GYN. Gallipolis is a small town. My GYN was a good friends' dad. I was ALWAYS mortified!!!!!!!!!
I had two babies with a male doctor that I truly loved. But now that I am going through peri-meonpause I changed to a woman. I never want to go back to a man. I am still saving myself for Mike :)

Elizabeth Koproski said...

Actually, jim delivered both of my kids and i see him "annually" but we also know them a bit outside, go to church with them and have been to their home for prayer nights. I've gotten to be friends with Kris some too, and honestly, because of who they are- I've never thought twice about it. Weird, huh?!

Abby said...

H to the NOOOO! There is just no way I could rest comfortably in conversation over a plate of spaghetti as I replayed the earlier appt. with my friend, the gyno, knowing that he had witnessed all the parts that make me female. And I am the only crazy one that would assume every comment he made was somehow an inuendo for my nether regions??

Tony and Rett said...

Nope, wouldn't do it. Never. :) Good call on your part!

Saltypants said...

To start with, I won't go to a male OB/GYN at all. I find it a bit like using a mechanic that's never owned a car. Intellectually all the knowledge is there, but there's no way a man can have the intuitive knowledge that comes with the day-to-day operation of the equipment.

Secondly, I'm uncomfortable if a friend pokes through my kitchen cabinets because they can't find the glassware, so there's no way on earth that I'd ever let someone I bbq with to check out my lady parts. Wouldn't matter how good a doctor she is, I could never have a casual meal with her again.