Friday, June 26, 2009

Thoughts from the week

I've had a post for several days now... but it seems that the two adults in this house do not have the wherewithall to charge a video camera and then bring it with them. We either charge it and leave it at home or we take it and it's not charged. The bottom line is... I need the video for my post to make any sense and we don't have enough sense to get the job done. Or maybe I have 4 kids with 5,000 needs at any given moment.

Plus, in the summer I become a pool rat. EVERY morning we have swim team from 9-11. On days we don't have swim team, we go back to the pool after lunch. Then, sometimes we go after dinner t00. Basically, my kids are raisins in the summer.

Then, on days we have a swim meet, we have to be at a pool at 3 pm for a dive meet, followed by a 5 hours swim meet. Seriously, we usually get home at 10 pm.

And, as I was sitting at one of those eternal swim meets this week, I thought about the ludicrousness of swim meets. We set at a pool for 6-7 hours for a meet. Our kids swim..... MAYBE... MAYBE.....3 minutes each. 3X3=9 (I am really good at math.) I see my kids swim for 9 minutes! Are you KIDDING me? Since Jackson is now diving... I can tack on 2 more minutes for his 3 dives. Now, we're up to 11 minutes. (Told you I was good at math!) I spend 11 minutes out of the 6-7 hours, to watch those kids of mine swim 3 minutes each.

I am starting to think swim team is a waste of my time. So much so that we are trying to decide if at least one of our children should swim year round. (Definitely not my idea.)

The other thought for the week: I just want to share with you that it really stresses me out when people drive in the wrong lane. For instance, if I know a right turn is coming up, I get in the right lane way ahead of schedule. But, when I am in the car with PEOPLE who know a right turn is coming and they stay in the left lane, I start getting really antsy. I can't concentrate; I can't have a conversation. My body is so tense until that person gets in the correct lane. I even kind of lean in the direction I want the car and the person to go. I've got issues. I realize that. Just remember this if you ever drive me some place.

Finally, I made a trip back to the OBGYN this week for my yearly checkup. 2 visits to those kind of doctors in 3 weeks is WAY too much for me to handle. I decided after today that I am going to have a convention for OBGYN doctors. There are things they need to know that apparently no one bothered to tell them in their 24 years of school. 1) We do not want to have a conversation with you. 2) When you pull the gown back to expose the hoochie mama's and start pressing on them, please do not say, "So, what are you doing this weekend?" (This wouldn't be an issue if rule #1 was followed.) I don't want to talk about what I am doing this weekend because I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER WHAT I AM DOING THIS WEEKEND BECAUSE YOU ARE LOOKING PLACES AND TOUCHING PLACES YOU SHOULDN'T BE UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES!

It will be a really short convention.



Shari said...

My 3 kids also swim starting at the age of 5. One of kids ended up swimming all the way threw college and now wants to jump back in the pool 28 and start swimming in the Masters. It really did help me kids become routine and punctual.

We were all season swimming (year round). It was a pain in the behind most of the time, as you mentioned you dont get home until 10 pm some nights and it is expensive to go to the week end meets that are outta town.. eww wee the money a family sends.

I guess my point of this lengthy comment is.. I totally understand your feeling.. and I wont tell you my feeling on the OBY/GYN but I will help at the convention. LOL

Kristy said...

Sign me up for that convention too! I would also like to include something about putting "art" on the ceiling. When we are laying there, exposed and such, we really don't care about posters of Paris and Rome on the ceiling. Just a thought.

Darja said...

is that driving comment a result of riding in the car with me yesterday???

also, i agree about the gyno thing. my really really friendly male gyno told me i was "shy" or something when we were done. apparently he wanted me to tell him jokes while he was feeling around up in my hoo-ha.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

nate waits until the last minute to get over to the correct lane to take a turn or ext...drives me NUTS!
And as far as the GYN visits...I thought about next time bringing my ipod to listen to my playlist while he's doing his thing. But then I think listening to "you spin me right round baby right round, when you go down, when you go down down"...well that just won't work either.

Jenney said...

Oh My. You made me laugh once again. Too bad you are not winning the blog award currently for funniest blog (I quit voting when someone passed you up by over 100 votes...i can't compete with that).

jenny said...

Hey April,

Thought I would leave you a comment since I have now officially met you at VBS now. I haven't been on your blog since then so I am just now getting around stopping by. My computer had a nasty virus and I lost a lot of my blog addresses so I had to find yours again. Anyway, hope you guys are enjoying your summer. It was so nice to meet you "in person" I don't feel like such a lurker. :) By the way, what pool do you guys go to? We have a very small neighborhood one we go to, but are interested in joining a bigger one either this summer or next. Thanks.
Jenny C.