Monday, June 29, 2009

Nights with my Jackman

I lay down with Jackson every night when he falls asleep. I never did this with the girls. As a matter of fact, I was adamant about them going to sleep on their own.

Jackson was my baby. I thought he was the last. Even though I dreamed of adopting, I never thought it would be possibly financially.

God showed me:-) (That's another story for another time.) Huh?

I still lay down with Jackson until he falls asleep. I usually tinker on the laptop while he fires away questions. His questions crack me up so I thought I'd share some. Some I try to answer, some I honestly don't know the answer, so I just say, "I don't know."

Just call me Einstein.

(My answers are in red.)

What are teeth made out of?

Are walls just really hard paper?

Can fish hurt you?

Some fish.

Cat fish?
What is glass made of?

Does anyone giving fishing poles for free?

Probably not.

Do you think I am going to Heaven?

Yes, buddy. You prayed and asked Jesus in your heart. And, sometimes, others can tell you Jesus is in your heart if you love others and if you obey Jesus.

Do I obey?

Yes, but I think it's something we can all work on, obeying Jesus and loving others.

"Mom? Can I use your toothbrush?"


I just want to try it."

"Mom, how old will you be in 4 years?"

"41. Why?

Will you be all wrinkley?

I hope not.

Is O'Criminey a bad word?

Well, we probably shouldn't say it?

Adam says it all the time.

That doesn't mean you should say it.
Mom? Why are you under there?

Under where?

You said underwear! Get it! Underwear?
This is just two nights of laying with Jackson.



Darja said...

awwwww can i lay with him?

or just sit outside the door and listen??

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Amy said...

What a great kid! I really enjoyed his questions...walls? hard paper? That's a good question buddy:)

Sharla said...

Too funny! What a sweet child!! And what a good mommy!!