Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chicago Part III- the end, finally

Are you ready for me to wrap this up? Seriously! How long does it take to tell a story?

I'm going to give you the highlights so I don't bore you to tears: Sunday and Monday........

Gina's husband, Nick, works in a building where a business was selling off it's stuff. So, he was going to buy some of it, but before he could purchase it, they threw it in the trash. Nick, being the frugal, thrifty guy that he is, dug it out of the trash.

Gina liked one of the pictures, but it totally clashed with the rest of her stuff, so I suggested we paint the flower part of the picture. So, that's exactly what we spent the afternoon doing. We bought some paint and some brushes and painted away. It looked SOO good when we were done. (Except we hung it before it could dry and some of the paint ran... nothing that can't be fixed.) We looked up the picture online and a smaller version of it was around $250. Hey, we've got no shame digging through the garbage.

They had another picture just like it and Janae brought it home to hang in her house.

After our painting, we watched Kevin James Sweatin the Small Stuff. And, if you haven't seen it, you must! We died laughing.

Then we went to Giordano's pizza for some Chicago stuffed pizza. We got ours with spinach and it was fabulous. Mmmm....

After that, we rented Dan in Real Life- one of my favorite movies. The main character is Steve Carell, but he acts totally different than he does in any other role. It's great to see him do something besides make me really uncomfortable. I love the office, but it seriously makes me uncomfortable... for real. I am stressed every time I watch it, but it never seems to stop me. Anyway, Dan in Real Life... it's a feel good movie. I have watched it at least 4 times and it never gets old.

Monday, we got up early and Lewis and Clark began their trip home. Yep, made a huge mistake and once again Lewis got us back on track. Our random stop on the way home was at a place called... well, I can't remember the name. (I can remember the exit #. How bizarre is that?) But, it had a cool name and it looked like a great stop. It was a dairy with a gift shop and a Starbucks, food, etc... The buildings were made like barns... even the gas station on the property looked like a barn. But, I gotta tell you, I don't know how in the world that place stays open because I have never seen a more overpriced place in all my life. Seriously, there was this little set of measuring spoons- $23.75. They had a candle that I know I have see for $6 priced at $18.50. We used their restroom, got some coffee and left. Sometime during the stop, Janae seems to remember me saying, "This place is in the middle of nowhere!" Which she proceeds to tell me later, in an email, that it was her favorite line of the weekend. I mean, haha! She acts like all farms are in the middle of nowhere.

It was a great trip. One of the best weekends ever! I can't remember a time when I have laughed that hard for that many days. I was so ready to see the kids, but sad the time had to end. I have come to the conclusion that all moms need some time like that. We hope to do it all again in the spring!

Lucy- that girl sleeps 23 hours a day. I could not get a picture of her with her eyes open. She's so cute though!
Janae reading to Anthony. He loved her.
This is what I get for not getting my real camera out. Janae had one request in Chicago- to eat a Giordano's. So glad we did! Yum! She even brought 2 pizzas home.
Yep, that was our pizza!

The one hanging was the one we painted.

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Jenney said...

You painted someone elses painting? You crack me up, and these days I need to laugh.

I love "Dan In Real Life" too, I think I need to rent it again. And I totally agree that The Office, although completely addicting, makes me cringe every episode.