Friday, November 6, 2009

Last nerve

Things that get on my ever-lovin' LAST nerve:


1. Fruit flies- They apparently have nothing else to do but breed BECAUSE I can NOT get rid of them. And, lest you forget, I am the Queen of Google so... yep, I've tried it!

2. Cleaning out containers of old food in the frig- I'd rather have a barbed-wire enema. It's so disgusting! Don't tell, but someone brought a dip to my house on Oct 9.... and I just cleaned the container out today. And, the part that makes no sense is, the longer it sets in the frig... the worse it smells. I have smelled that nasty dip all day!

3. Dust pans- The crumbs... they never all make it in. I go through all the trouble and get my vacuum cleaner out just so I don't have to use a dust pan. Or, I sweep it in the corner and wait for Paul.

4. People who talk to me when I am trying to write..."SILENCE! I kill you!"

5. Trying to drink a smoothie and ice gets stuck in the straw. I have had a protein smoothie every day for the last... who knows how many days. I put in skim milk, banana, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and spinach. Paul swears I puree all my food these days.

6. People who call me one their way from point A to point B.... but only do it to kill time. If you've got something to say... that's fine... but don't call just because you've got nothing else to do.

7. Paul picking off his fingernails and leaving them... well... Let's just put it this way. Right before we left the college we had worked at for 4 years, I decided to have someone clean our couch. The couch has been up against the same wall for 3 years. When the lady went to move the couch to clean behind it, the wall was lined with a pile of fingernails Paul had picked off his fingers and dropped behind the couch. I was mortified.

8. Feeding Emme. It's such a chore. She doesn't want to eat and I have to fight her off the liquids the whole time.

9. People who get mad because you don't call... but they don't call you either

10. When I can't see someone talking on their cell phone because it's CONNECTED to their ear... and they are standing by me in a store and I am the only one around SO I am SURE they are talking to me or they are cracking up

11. When you can't get off the phone with someone. And, about 21 times, they act like they are going to let you get off... "Well listen, I gotta go... did I tell you about Bertha's cousin?"

12. Socks -where do they go? For real?

13. When people try to talk to me before I've had coffee in the morning.

14. ANY repetitive noise. Makes me want to run through a glass window.

Sadly, there are more. I just can't think of them right now. What gets on your last nerve??


gnangle04 said...

I must say I'm feeling a little afraid of you right now....

There's a lot of things that get on my nerves, but the pressing one is when a child tells me in great, lengthy detail about a Sponge Bob episode or clip from a Garfield movie. Such child would NOT stop talking about whatever came to his mind yesterday,no matter how outlandish or insignificant. " Hey mom, wouldn't it be wierd if... Hey mom, wouldn't it be cool if...." It was almost unbelievable, I thought Candid Camera had made a comeback. The frustrating part is having to go along with it all because I don't want to squelch his imagination, and someday I may actually miss those moments.

shell said...

I thought I was the only one who was going on the "last nerve" addition to your list, I would add the following....
1. People who chew food with their mouth open..ggrrrr

2. Those who eat cereal/ice cream/ or any other food from a bowl and SCRAPE the bottom of the dish with each spoonful.

3. Drivers who roll thru a stop sign coming off a side street,
then speed up to get ahead of you as you come down the road...and then YOU have to hit the breaks and slow down.

I know I have more, but, these are clearly toward the top of my list.

Jenney said...

Wow. So much anger in one person. I'd have to agree with the fruit flies, they drive me frickin nuts...but I did find a way that was about 90% effective this summer...but I"m sure you've tried it :o)
My 16 month olds tantrums and screaming and lack of communication probably would be on my top ten list about now.

Gina said...

Are all of those phone ones about me? Because most of our interaction is over the phone...thanks a lot!

You know what gets on my last nerve? Anthony. Just wait till you get here. It's like he decided that his goal in life should be to try and be as annoying as possible at all times. Always in the baby's face, always poking you, always jumping on top of you or messing up your hair...Nick and I are both at our wits end. It's a good thing he's so cute...

I'll be sure to have the coffee ready when you get here....

momto4girls said...

Have to agree with all of them! But...I can help solve 2 of them. I have decided that it is NOT worth the hassle to eat healthy. Therefore, no fruit = no fruit flies and no fruit = no ice stuck in straw from fruit smoothie :) Just a thought!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

Oh yikes...I'm pretty sure that's me sometimes with number 6...stink..I'll work on that!
I think that something has happened this year within the insect world's food chain. In that the fruit fly has no enemies now! They were the WORST ever this year!! I still have them!
And that goes right into what get's on my last nerve.
* when the FRUIT flies gather around my water & ice dispenser on the fridge door!!! NO FRUIT THERE! idiots!!
*people that struggle with a four way stop sign intersection...JUST GO!
*ladies who are STILL wearing *mom* jeans. really, you like wearing the Reverse Fit?? Let me help you!!
*people who get a great blog started, and then because of some A.D.D. issue, totally let their blog's sad really...oops..that would be me...dang it!

OHHH, and btw, Nate is notorious for leaving his bitten off nails in his cup holder in his BUSINESS CAR!! WRONG so wrong!

Nathan said...

For your smoothies, try using frozen fruit and not using any ice. If you freeze your bananas and use them in a smoothie, the texture is perfect with no ice involved at all! I like just frozen bananas, milk, a little vanilla and some flaxseed. Perfect!