Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's OSU Michigan Week


What have YOU done this week to beat Michigan?

I don't even know what that means; I just know Paul asks me that every day during Ohio State Michigan game week.

Sometimes when he asks me that, I'll just raise my eyebrows and ask in a very uncertain tone... something like..."Brushed my teeth???"

That seems to be an acceptable answer which makes the whole thing that much more confusing to me. What in the world could I possibly do to beat Michigan this week? And, how in the world is something like "returned my library books on time???" an acceptable answer?

Please! I don't want to hear how girls aren't easy to understand.

So, what have you done this week to beat Michigan?


Jenney said...

Nothing. I LOVE Michigan. I will be cheering AGAINST OSU on Saturday. My parents are even coming from Michigan to comiserate with me when we, once again, lose. Hey, I'm a fan but I'm not a dilusionist!

Bayliss72 said...

Heh, I realized on the way into work that I'd paired dark blue scrubs with a gold/yellow warm up jacket. OOPS! Bad week to do that. I was hoping no one would notice..and no one commented but I'm sure some people think I'm a closet Michigan fan now..lol

Chubby Baby Designs said...

our tradition for OSU games is to make puppy chow ( the peanut butter, chocolate combo in the theme of buckeye balls), but we call it Brutus Bites :)
Seeing that I'm on a no sugar kick until next year at least, This particular food item is VERY much my biggest temptation.
So I'm wondering...do I contiue to stay on the wagon, or will this mess up the game??? I'm losing sleep over this!! Maybe to make this sacrifice for the team, I need to eat Brutus Bites ONLY during the game and ONLY this game...what should I do here??

The Gang's Momma said...

Okay, blanket comment on the last ten posts. Yes, that's how many I had sitting in my Reader. I've been sick, the kids have been sick, the cat was even sick. It's been crazy here.

So, you are like the writing machine, girl. Good stuff. You still crack me up whenever I read you. My fave is the things that annoy you. You are so brave to admit it all in public - my family would rake me over the coals and then ADD to the list their own ideas :)

Happy Thanksgiving. Like your gobblers on your template :)

Tony and Rett said...

Cleaned out the lint in the dryer vent!