Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

10:30 am on Thanksgiving morning, we got a phone call that Paul's dad could not quit throwing up, that his chest was hurting, and that an ambulance was on it's way.

Great! Happy Thanksgiving!

Paul immediately left to be with his mom and dad, who only live 5 minutes from our house. He spent the next 2 hours at the hospital while I was wondering what I was supposed to do by myself to get ready for the 33 people who were eating dinner AT MY HOUSE at 2 pm. Especially since all that was left to do was put up enough tables for 33 people.

I was so worried about it that I sat down on the couch and read. For real. It didn't take long for Paul's dad, after finally getting to see a doctor, to be diagnosed with a probable kidney stone. They took some other tests as a precaution... checking his heart, etc.. But, once I knew he was ok, I knew the rest would get done. See, how weird am I? I get more worked up wondering what to order at a tapas bar than I do about 33 people descending on my house expecting to eat Thanksgiving dinner.

Would you expect any less than this kind of story from me?

We got everything set up. Here is a tour of my dining room and living room. This is how I set up to feed that herd.

Clearly, someone did not get the message that I adhere to Old Testament food laws. For real. I do. My uncle walked in and set that abomination on my table. I gagged. Yes, abomination. It sounds like a strong word, but you can take that up with God.

How beautiful is that turkey? I was totally going to take full credit for that bird. I was until my mom commented on the growth that was coming out of it's back end. I told her it was Rosemary. She replied back, "I don't care what her name is. She's ugly!" My mother-in-law made that turkey. How do you do something like that running to the hospital thinking your husband is going to kick the can? She's Martha Stewart... or at least a Martha wannabe.

My turkey was not worthy of a picture. He basically looked like we peeled him off the road. That's what happens when you cook your turkey upside-down.
Hiawatha or my niece, Rylan. She found that outfit in my basement. Who knew? Very appropriate, huh?

Uh, yeah, out of the 33 people at my house... 15 were kids. It made for a quiet meal:-)

A blurry picture of my cousin Shannon and her beautiful baby boy, Carsen.
That is my new nephew, Chase. He's already started training for Ironman. He's 4 months old... just wait until you see him next to Emme. The should have named him (please read with Austrian accent) Arnold.

Emme is very much partial to the men in her life. She loves my dad.

I like standing in between my two brothers. They make me feel little.

We played Ninja. If you don't know... don't worry. You're not missing anything in my book. Everyone else loved it. Paul told me I was a dirt sandwich. The other day when I didn't want to do the Christmas walk in our little city, as I was walking in the house he told me to go put jelly on my dirt sandwich.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say... he's not thinking I am too fun these days.

See, who wants to stand around like that waiting to see if someone can hit your hand?

That's my brother. He's a doctor. Don't you think his orthopedic group and his patients would love to see that picture?

Ahhh!! More ninja!

Emme loved, loved, loved Damon. I am pretty sure he love, love, loves her back. How could you not?

See what I mean... Chase is 4 months old. 4 months!!! That's approximately 120 days he has been out of the womb. Emme is 27 months old. He could eat her for a snack.

What do you say about us? I got nothin!

My dad, Damon (my brother) and his wife, Kelly. I took at least 10 pictures of Kelly. In EVERY picture... I am not exaggerating.... EVERY picture she closed her eyes. I wanted to beat her up.

My cousin Lyndsey and my Aunt Vicki and Arnold (I mean, Chase).

Can you have Thanksgiving without having wrestling? I don't think so.
Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?? I heart him!

I LOVE Thanksgiving!! For real.


Sharla said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Looks like you had a really fun day! You're right, Chase...aka Arnold is absolutely adorable!!

So tell us how to play Ninja! It looks like some great Kodak moments!


Tony and Rett said...

Looks like big fun!

I think good looks run in your family!

And ninja? Really?

Jenney said...

Arnold is adorable. My babies are never ever ever that big at 10 months! And they are not even small Asian children who were underfed. But I could also kiss those cheeks :o)