Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol

      It's a family event watching American Idol around here!  We love it! 

     Sometimes I want to tape everyone's mouth shut so I can hear every note, every word and every comment.  Clearly, the rest of the family does not appreciate my intensity when it comes to American Idol watching.

     I can understand the talking.  Disagreeing with the judges, talking about a bad note or song choice, discussing the dress of some of those idols.  I can let those things slip, but tonight, my husband reached an all new low in the comment making department.

     In his defense, he is funny and he makes me laugh really hard sometimes.  But, not so much tonight.

     If you watch AI, then you know that every week, the 3 contestants with the lowest amount of votes get sent to the stools to await their fate.

     Tonight, Anoop was the first to be told to take a seat on one of the stools.  

     After a few seconds, Paul said, "If Anoop was asked to sing part of his song on the stool right now, would they call it a stool sample?"

     Yeah, it was bad.  I didn't laugh.  


Sharla said...

Ok...that was funny!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

oh I laughed...hard! Good one Paul, I know you were so proud of yourself.

Tony and Rett said...

um, I laughed. That was FUNNY! But I don't share your same Idol passion!

The Shackletts said...

OK-I just have to say something about this one...that was hilarious and totally Paul! We watch Idol around here too and we'll think about it every time now! I can't believe that Paul's sick humor caused me to comment for the first time ever on a blog! Not even the memory of the "dam" conversation did it! April-I've loved following your life through the seems like we're still there with you guys. Love you guys and miss you lots! The Shacklett Crew

Gina said...

That is SO Paul. That's all I can say.