Thursday, April 16, 2009

My friend, Gina

                                   Nolan (Abby's son), Emme and Anothony
                                            Emme and Anthony
            Me, Abby (from the college too and one of the other funniest people I                                               know), and Gina.

     When Paul and I worked at a Christian college, we made lots of great friends.  One of the best friends I made there was Gina

     Let me tell you about my introduction to Gina. 

     Paul and I were sitting in the cafeteria having lunch with some students.  Shelby, who was almost 3, was with us.  As we were talking, I saw Gina, who I was only vaguely familiar with at the time, get up from her table to return her tray.  Her tray had several glasses on it, some silverware, a plate, etc....

     All of a sudden, Gina tripped, the cups, silverware and plate went flying in all directions and she was laying on the ground.  Everyone was looking.  I was mortified.  I felt so sad for her that I wanted to cry.  Shelby felt so bad for her that she did cry.

     I am sure I wanted to run over and help her pick up everything, because.... well, that's just the kinda girl I am.  But, I am also the kinda girl that doesn't like a lot of attention.  And since the whole crowded cafeteria was staring at her, I decided to stay put and comfort my daughter.

     I was trying not to look at this girl, Gina, while she cleaned up her mess, but that was like trying not look at a train wreck as you drive by.  As I was taking quick glances to watch her, I noticed that all her friends who were sitting at her table were cracking up.

     After she returned her tray and rejoined her friends, I knew by the way they were all acting that she had done it on purpose.

     I may not like a lot of attention myself, but I am drawn to people like Gina who are comfortable enough in their own skin to pull off a stunt like that.  I had to get to know that girl.

      So, I did.  Gina is one of the funniest people I know.  We spent lots of time together while she was in school.  And, we laughed, a lot!   By the time she graduated, I loved her so much I could not stand the fact that she was graduating and moving away.  It was very hard on me to say goodbye to her.  I can honestly say I went through some grieving when she left.  She was like my little sister.

     Since that time, Gina has lived in New York (her home state), England, Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Illinois... while I have stayed here, basically, my whole life.

     I am so thankful our friendship has continued.  We go through stretches were we talk everyday and stretches where we talk once every couple of weeks.  Paul performed Gina and her husband, Nick's, wedding ceremony and I was a bride's maid.  I think I may have to write about her wedding tomorrow.

     Two years ago (he just turned 2 this past weekend), God blessed Gina with a little boy, Anthony.   I can tell he is going to be funny just like her.  Sometimes, when we are talking on the phone, Anthony will say, "Gina, can you be quiet?"  What two year old calls his mom Gina?  She corrects him, but he still does it.

     The whole reason for this post is to tell you what he said to her the other day.  

     Gina and Anthony were in the bathroom and Anthony said, "Momma (or Gina:), my butt hurts.

     She said, "Oh honey, your butt hurts.  I'm so sorry."

    He followed up with a question, "You put cream cheese on it???"

     When she told me that last night while I was driving, I thought I was going to have to pull over.  Of course he meant diaper rash ointment, but he called it cream cheese.

     Hahaha!!!  Hahaha!!!!!!  Hahahaa!!!  Hahaha!!!!

P.S.  The whole tripping and falling in the cafeteria... that was not the only time.


TCKK said...

Gina sounds like my kinda person! I wish I could be like that, but no way am I!

Lori said...

Gina sounds like a hoot! But so are YOU! At least what I know of you from your blog. :) You two must have a blast together! How fun!

Gina said...

Boy I only got 2 comments!! Must be you're the only one who thinks I'm funny. =) In my own defense, I don't think that I would have the nerve to fall down in a cafeteria full of people now. It was something about college that made me do it...

I love you too my friend!

Darja said...

this Gina chick sounds sooooo cool and funny and awesome.

Tony and Rett said...

HAHAHAHA...Gina (and Anthony) sound hysterical! She must be something special to be blogworthy :)

Abby said...

Ah, God love our precious Gina. There's just no one quite like her.
And I miss those days of cafeteria drama and making up interpretive dances and TRYING to make April laugh so hard she would pee her pants....those were the days girls. Miss ya...

Abby said...

By the way, is it bad to put cream cheese on your butt for a rash? Oops. If I am being honest, parmesan cheese works better.