Thursday, April 23, 2009

Should I be concerned?

        This picture.... has nothing to do with anything.  I just liked it!  When I read blogs, I want to see a picture.  So, when I post on my blog... I need a picture.
     That's Paul and Gracie dancing at a wedding last May in Nashville, Tennessee.  They were dancing to a 30 piece big band in an old, beautiful cannery building downtown.  One of my favorite receptions.  And, that's saying a lot!  Do you know how many weddings we have been to?  Neither do I.  But, I wish I had kept count of how many we've been in, been to or Paul has performed.  The life of college ministry.

      Grace has never been my best sleeper.  Which really... has worked in my favor this past year.  Until recently, I would get up with Emme 2-5 times a night (she's been sleeping through the night for the most part these days) and since I homeschool, I don't really want to roll out of bed at 7am.   Lots of times, Gracie gets Emme up in the morning and takes her downstairs. 

     She has control of the TV in the morning since she's the first one up.  Early bird gets the worm... or in this case, the remote!  

     EVERYDAY, when I come down, she is either watching: A.) Mystery Diagnosis, B.) Dr. G Medical Examiner, C.) Emergency Room : The Bronx, or D.) A Baby Story.  

     This can not be normal!  She's not even 8.  

     Should I be concerned about this?  

     Maybe I should be concerned.  But Gracie, that beautiful little thing who looks like she could do no wrong.... she needs to be concerned about something...
     If she asks me one more time if we can go see Taylor Swift in concert....... she's going to need a her own medical show.


Gina said...

Gracie is a little April isn't she? She's your mini-me.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

Funny!!! My girls LOVE Baby time I saw one with a Daddy and a Daddy so I make sure now that they are *ok* ones to watch, they DVR them! They LOVE that show! Sounds like Gracie and I watch the same shows...those are my favs! So should you be concerned....well do you consider me to be *ok*? You don't have to answer that :)