Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Emme pictures

     Here are some more pictures from the disc I just found last Friday.  The last pictures of her chubby were taken in March of 2008.  The pictures of her shaved head were taken in July and August of 2008.  We were given that precious little girl on September 8, 2008.

     Looks like they are weighing Emme.  Um... what's the point since she has on 5 million layers.  Geesh!  She lived on the same line of latitude as Jamaica. (Basically on the Tropic of Cancer.)  It couldn't have been cold!
     Look how chubby!
    So sweet!  Lookin' at her foster mama who took good care of her.
     Now, she has switched homes.  And her pants are pulled up to her neck.  And she's skinny.  And her heads been shaved.  But, she's still smiling!

     Check out her split pants!  When they gave her to me they told me she didn't like the diapers, that she wasn't used to wearing them.  BUT, they also handed me grapes that were as big as her head and told me they were her favorite.  Good thing I've got a little bit of sense and gave her a Cheerio first.  It took her 5 minutes to gum that Cheerio!

     Her tongue hangs out because she had no muscle tone in her mouth.  She was never made to suck anything.  Her bottles had huge holes in the nipples so that it just poured down her throat. We still have her on a bottle (for muscle tone) even though she can drink perfectly out of a regular cup, a sippy cup or a straw.  She doesn't care how she gets it as long as she gets her liquids. 

     I am convinced she likes to drink so much, especially water, because it fills her up fast and gives her that bloated feeling.  They told me to give her a bottle of water before every bottle.  I never did.   We try not give her too much water now.  We get calories in however we can.

     Makes me so sad to see these pictures and to see how dirty everything was.  I am sure it's just life to them... just different than we are used to.
     Split pants again.  So, don't the babies like pee and poop all over the people, the floor, the beds, etc... I just seems like a sanitary nightmare to me!


A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I think the babies don't make an unsanitary mess every where b/c supposedly they are trained by a sound to excrete. They do it on command...
And as far as the shaved head...that is done b/c they feel that the hair they are born with is "dirty" in a sense b/c of the birthing process..
I know this b/c my mil wanted me to shave my first borns hair..she did not have alot...kinda like Emme..
MY fifth born has so much hair.I need to do it EVERYday.
Imagine what they would think of a baby with that much hair.
I know it is real different than we are use to...
and I know it is so saddening to look at, but the truth of the matter is if that did not exist...and it was not made known ..those children would still live there and all the moms in America that chose these China Dolls their arms would be empty..
I know their culture is quite different and even odd at times...but, it has got to mean something that they are the oldest civilization
I just love the Chinese...I guess it helps that my kids are half Chinese and my Husband is from
Maybe someday the world will be perfect, but until then it is kind people like you that rescue these babes from a life of poverty..
My FIL tells me..the poverty level is terrible there and any baby that escapes it is so LUCKY and BLESSED..
Thankfully..your sweetie with your family...going to have the most filled life any child could ever dream of:)
She is such a is the rest of your family..

Chubby Baby Designs said...

I still can't get over how much she looks like your girls when they were's the SAME smile and eyes!!! Especially the one where she's standing up on the couch. Are you sure Paul never visited China ?? :)

The Gang's Momma said...

I hear ya about the bottle, water, calories, and so on. NOT that Li'l Empress was ever wanting for extra body padding, but they told us she liked that too.

We don't ever do it, I never did when I nursed my kids either. Watered down juice and water when they are older from a cup, but not in a bottle.

And we still, even tho Li'l Empress wasn't undernourished AT ALL, give her full fat milk, lots of calorie and nutrient rich food. It's so necessary for brain cell development!

They also told us she didn't like sweet foods, only salty or spicy. WRONG O! She's a bigger sweet tooth than her Daddy. And that's sayin' somethin'!!!!!!! She can out eat him cookie for cookie if we let her.

Which we don't. At least not very often. :)

Gina said...

Wow! I never knew that about the no diapers thing!! That seems so crazy to me but what do I know? =)

Sharla said...

Hi! So, it's funny that you ask the question about the pee and poop...actually, they do poop on the floor. Abby was just telling Scott about it the other night.

She told him all about the split pants and how sometimes her little foster brother would poop in the floor and someone had to clean it up.

I think her tongue hanging out is so sad, it breaks my heart to think that she had such low muscle tone.

What a blessing that God led you to her when He did!


Jenney said...

Your pictures are so sad and I am so glad you got Emme. I did see one positive though. In one picture she is being "worn". Our society doesn't do it much (at least not correctly) but it is really really benefitial. Being worn in the fashion that she was actually stimulates babies' brains and helps with bonding issues. If that was done often for her it may have helped her not be more behind and in trouble than she was when you got her. I know it sounds nuts, but from the research I've done, it is true.