Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coming To You Live

Coming to you live and in person... well, via the computer. This is no repeat, cheap post from last year. Why? Because it's time! There are some things you should know:

1) I hate talking to people when they have sunglasses on. It makes me really nervous. The eyes are a window to the soul for me (sounds way to deep for me, huh?). Really, it's not fair when one person has sunglasses on and the other person does not. I'm going to have to get some sunglasses. Do you know why I don't have sunglasses? It's because when I wear them... I feel like I am trying to be cool. Now, I know that I am not trying to be cool... but I don't know it. I've got this constant argument going on amongst myself about sunglasses.

Speaking of self, do you ever wish you could get away from yourself? Because, I really wish I could get away from me sometimes. It's a weird thought.

2) Every time my husband meets a Filipino, he tells them that his favorite food in all the world is a Filipino Dish called Chicken Adobo. Why does he do this? Isn't that kinda racist or something? Seriously, do they even care? Today at that soccer game this Filipino lady came walking up and he starts this conversation with her, "Hey, have we ever talked about Filipino food?"

I was like, "Are you kidding me?"

So he starts talking about it. Then, I feel like every time we are in one of these conversations, the Filipino person asks if he likes Lumpia. It's the weirdest thing.

The moral of the story: If you are a Filipino, steer clear of my husband.... unless you want to talk about Chicken Adobo.

P.S. He thinks he's part Filipino because he was born in the Phillipines. One of these days, I'm gonna have to break it to him. (Why isn't Filipino spelled Phillipino? I am so confused.)

3) Filipino food aside... I almost killed him today. We were watching Jackson's soccer game and we were sitting next to another family on our team. They have a son named Charlie. Every time this dad would yell at Charlie, Paul would say... in his best British accent mind you, and loud enough for way too many people to hear, "Charlie, you bit my finger!" Have you seen that video on Youtube? If not, click here for link.

He was driving me crazy!

Finally, I had to get my really serious face on (see, if I had sunglasses on, he wouldn't know how serious I was being because he wouldn't have been able to see my eyes. I have to open my eyes really big so he knows I am serious) and say, "STOP!"

Seriously! He was getting on my last nerve.

The only reason I didn't hurt him was because he had tickets to the OSU/USC game tonight. Which by the way is a really cool story. Last year he was so sad because he had to miss the OSU/USC game because we were in China getting Emme. He tried EVERYTHING to try and see it, but to no avail... because HELLO, we were in CHINA! (That's how big he thinks Ohio State football is... that even the Chinese care.) (I didn't want to break that to him either.) But, It's like God paid him back double (not that he had to) for last year. Not only was he going to be able to watch the game this year, he was going to be able to watch it in person and get treated to a really nice dinner at the same place the players ate. (everything paid for) I wasn't about to interfere with God's plans... so I didn't hurt him.

4) It really bothers me on Facebook when a couple has the same account. For example... if someone asks to be my friend and it says John Susan Smith. Who's asking to be my friend? John or Susan? And, does it matter you ask? Yes, it matters to me.

It stresses me out. I don't know who's posting what. Is is John or is it Susan? And, why do they have the same account anyway? Why can't they just be separate people?

I really don't understand this.

5) Finally, did I ever tell you which tooth was giving me the problem? It was tooth #31. It needed a crown. $611 later, he's sporting a gold crown. Yes, I said gold. I think that means I get to be in a rap video now.

If you haven't read my post from September 12 of last year... scroll down. It's one of my favorites.

P.S. You guys still stink with the comments!


Bayliss72 said...

Haha..i love the story about Paul and the soccer game. When we were younger, my sister did swim team in the summers. As you know too well, it seems like your swimmer is always in event 3 and then event 59, so there is a lot of down time.

My dad was trying to keep himself entertained, so when my sister wasn't swimming, he would pick random kids we didn't even know to cheer for. At one meet, he'd heard a dad yell, "Go Emily!" and he countered with "Goooo Emileeeeee!" It was very funny, and he did that every single sporting event one of us kids had for the rest of our childhoods. My dad cracks me up!

Sharla said...

So you need a hug or what?!! (But I giggled through your entire post...just too funny!)

Sorry OSU didn't win last night, I stayed up to watch it till the end just because of you and Paul and my other good friends... Glad Paul got to go though... I remember your pictures last year from the Great Wall!

Kim said...

Awesome -- a gold tooth!! You should take a picture of it and post it! Show us your grill!!

I imagine you like comments because that way you KNOW someone is reading your hilarious posts! I'm reading them. Every single one of them.

You are the first blog listed in my "Blogs I Read" favorites folder. True story.

Gina said...

I think I had my sunglasses on the whole time you were here with us in Chicago. Sorry that I am SO COOL that I wear sunglasses! Seriously I don't know how you can handle it without sunglasses. I have to put mine on if there is even a hint of sun. I hate squinting my eyes!

Paul is so embarrassing. One time I wanted to ask my friend if she knew where a good Chinese restaurant was around here because she was like the only person I had met since we moved here. But I was too embarrassed to ask her because she is Korean and her husband is Chinese and I didn't want her to think it was because I was racist. Paul clearly doesn't share those feelings...

I don't understand that double person facebook either but I don't judge. It doesn't bother me as much as it bothers you obviously.

Okay...good post. Love ya.

Darja said...

) I hate talking to people when they have sunglasses on. It makes me really nervous. ---SO DO I!!!!! that's actually the real reason bruce and i never worked out- he wears sunglasses all the time. i'm pretty sure i dedicated an entire blog post to this topic a while ago (or at least an entire facebook status, haha) - it makes me feel so uncomfortable. ahhh.

Darja said...

also, yes, i want to get away from myself lots of the time. it's so annoying, you know? always having to be with myself. wish i could get some personal space!!

and...your thing about married people having a joint fb account made me think of this really funny blog post i read the other day...

miss you <3

Janae said...

Paul reminds me so much of Michael...hilarious...and, embarrassing. For instance, if we are at a public event and there is music playing (ANY music), Michael will burst out into ad lib singing like a soul singer (yes, this has even happened during "take me out to the ball game" and at EVERY church service we attend-so much for focused worship).

I personally like sunglasses....THEY PROTECT YOUR EYES FROM THE SUN!!!!!! Seriously, I know what you are saying and now I'm in a deep depression because on many occasions I've made you feel very uncomfortable. I'm now going to sacrifice my eyes to make it up to you....actually, can we just hang out inside somewhere?

Chubby Baby Designs said...

I LOVE wearing my sunglasses, and I'm not trying to hide anything other than my crow's feet from all the years where I didn't wear sunglasses because I felt like people thought I was trying to hide something.
Having blue eyes is challening, you are more sensitive to the sun. So if I don't wear sunglasses my eyes squint SO BAD that you won't see my eyes anyway and it looks like I'm trying to hide something, or you might think I don't want to look at you at all.
So I'm protecting both you and me by wearing them! At least I don't wear the kind that are mirrors! Those are the WORST! I do not want to see myself talking to you! I've been tempted before to use them while someone else has them on to re-apply my lipstick or check my teeth for spinach!
At least mine you can kinda see my eyes and you can't see the reflection of yourself like you are in the fun house of mirrors. They are distorting too, makes your nose look big and your chin look too small for your face.
Who came up with those anyway??

Tony and Rett said...

YEESH. I feel like I need to take a deep breath after each of your posts!

You wear a woman out!

But love you just the same. Keep me laughin', sister!

Tony and Rett said...

P.S. I had something happen to me this weekend (totally can't remember it) but thought, "Hmmm, April would blog about this. Maybe I should too." hahahahaha

Jenney said...

THANK YOU for agreeing about sunglasses. I take mine off when I talk to people because it drives me crazy when other people don't. Unless I dont' like them...then I leave them on and I can make evil eyes :o)
Tell Paul I am so sorry about his OSU game. My hubby (a big OSU fan) and I had a deal that if Michigan (who I am a huge fan of) won their game on Saturday that I'd wear an OSU t-shirt for his game. It was very hard to wear an OSU shirt, but I really love my hubby.
Would Paul have married you if you were a Michigan fan? :o)