Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I do whatever my rice crispies tell me to do

I do whatever my Rice Crispies tell me to do.

I read that on a bumper sticker once. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to have to pull off the road. I can't imagine how I would have laughed if I had one of my peeps in the car with me.

The other day... I am pretty sure my Rice Crispies were cussing me out. Which was fine, because I wasn't exactly blessing the day of their birth.

For every nice thing that happens to me (see last post), 10 things that could only happen to me almost cancels it out.

So, here's the deal. Last year I missed my really good friend, Jennifer's, 40th birthday. I mean completely missed. Didn't even acknowledge it....not with a phone call, a card, a gift... NOTHING!

Now, in order to save face, and not look like the worst friend ever, you should know that when her birthday rolled around, I had only been home from China, with a new baby for 2 weeks. And, those two weeks, I wasn't catching up on sleep.

We came home from China to no power because a hurricane had rolled through the midwest. Really, I am not making that up. During the hurricane, one of our tress fell on our house. So our first 3 nights home, we didn't even sleep in our own beds. Then, when we were finally able to come home, it was only for 5 days. Then, we drove to the beach in North Carolina with Paul's parent's for a week. Soooo, we were not even in town for her birthday.

I have been determined to make it up to her this year. Her birthday is Friday, Oct 2. So, on Monday we went shopping and I took her to lunch. On Tuesday, I decided to make her one of the things that she loves the most. Rice Crispy Treats. Now, I am not sure what I do to this simple little dessert that makes it better than anyone else's, but everyone always says mine are the best. (I'm such a bragger right now, sorry!) Jennifer especially goes on and on about them. Jennifer thinks I am the greatest cook/baker in the world though. Sometimes, if I am feeling low about myself... which can happen when you think the only gift you have is shopping and you don't have a plug nickel to shop with... I'll cook or bake something and take it over to Jennifer and she makes me feel like a million bucks!

So, I was in the kitchen working my magic. (ha!) I finally had the marshmallows melted and I was pouring in the cereal. I got the first pour of the cereal mixed and then I went to add more cereal. Only when I went to pick up the bag of cereal, the bottom gave way and the entire bag of cereal poured all over the cooktop and all over the floor.

I'm not kidding!

It was bad enough to spill them, but then they started smoldering and burning on the cooktop.

One of the things I hate the most about myself is that I am messy. I hate it so much... it was hard to even type that. But, the thing is... I don't even try to be messy. It's a curse! I thought the bottom just fell out of the bag, but what really happened is I set the bag too close to the burner and melted it. Clearly, I had no idea until it looked like it had rained Rice Crispies all over my kitchen.

WELL, I finally got the first batch done and was onto the second batch. I have to make 2 batches to fill one pan. Right after I put the butter and marshmallows in the pan, I had an idea about something I wanted to write about. I ran to the computer and quickly typed my thoughts out. Apparently, it wasn't as quick as I thought.

Because I came back to this....

Badly burnt marshmallows

My Rice Crispies .... they told me to just call it a day. So, I did. I wrapped up the ones I successfully made and took them to Jennifer.

She was very happy!

P.S. Remember the Meijer gift cards from the last post? 4 -$10 cards. They are worth $1 each now. Apparently, they are old.

And depreciating.

Surprising? You tell me.


gnangle04 said...

Once again.... only you.... I think your talent (besides cooking, writing and being funny) is having a knack for being present when crazy things happen. Burning the bottom of the box, so the cereal spills all over the floor and cooktop when you pick it up, only then to burn the cereal that is on top of the cooktop?! I'm sorry, I'm laughing as I write this. My batch sure was good though thankyouverymuch!
You're a great friend.

Chubby Baby Designs said...

What? The gift cards expire?? ughhh, figures. Still a great blessing though ( all the groceries). I'm THE queen of multi-tasking and ruining something in the process. Keeps me humble I guess. I'm right there with ya!