Sunday, September 27, 2009

Really... on Spongebob?

Get ready internet friends, this is going to surprise you, but I am going to post every day this week.... barring any kind of natural disaster, mental breakdown or whathaveyou!!

Sunday morning before church, were we just hanging out. My mom had spent the night... so she and I were drinking coffee. The kids were watching Spongebob and Paul was searching for something on the computer. We were all in one room together.

My mom asked Paul a question. He didn't answer. He didn't act like he had even heard. He went on as if no one else were in the room.

It drives my mom crazy that he is like that so she made some kind of comment about him having a one track mind. He still completely ignored her. Honestly, he just didn't hear her either time.

But, a few seconds later, I realized truer words had never been spoken. The true words being Paul and his one track mind.

My mom, looking at the the Spongebob cartoon on the tv screen said, "Look at that woman's saggy boobs!" Of course, she was referring to a cartoon character, but do you know what my husband did? He instantly stopped and looked at the tv screen.

Can you believe it?! He completely ignores all questions, comments etc.... heck, I think a bomb could have gone off and he would have kept right on working. BUT, at the mention of boobs, on a Spongebob CARTOON CHARACTER NO LESS, he stops and looks.

I don't even know what to say about this.

P.S. I can joke about this because Paul takes every precaution to keep himself pure. He has two friends he is accountable to, he has me block all channels on our tv that could have 'bad' stuff on it, and
the list could go on and on.

Really, I thought the whole thing was hilarious!


Jenney said...

Cannot wait to read what you have to say every day!

Gina said...

Um that's hilarious. I can SO see that happening. In many houses around the world.

Are you trying to make it snow or something this week? A new post every day? I guess I'll NEVER talk to you now!!