Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Emme Day!!

One year ago today, we received one of the four best gifts we've ever been given. Here is my post from one year ago: September 8, 2008

Paul was up this morning at 2 am. I was up at 3. We left the hotel at 5:40. Our flight left at 7:40.

We arrived in Nanning at 11:09. We meet our guide Cindy... who is as cute as she can be, by the way. She told us we would to get our little girl at 3:30.
She and our driver dropped us off at the hotel. We exchanged some money and ate lunch. The hotel has 3 restaurants and told us one of them had Western food. So, of course we went there. Yea! They had a hamburger and french fries, so we both ordered that.
It was all I could do to choke down half of the hamburger. They may serve Western food but they have no idea how to cook it. The hamburger was mushy. I am pretty sure they boiled it! YUCK!
We still had an hour before we left so Paul read about OSU football and I started a new book.
Finally, it was time to go. We were to go to a hotel a bit down the road and the children would come there. (Even though we were not with a group, everyone adopting had the same appointment time.)
I met up with a girl and her husband who I had talked to online. Then, other families started arriving. I saw one baby but we had to wait to be called.
We didn't wait long because we were called first. The orphanage director brought her in. Neither Paul or I cried because when the director came walking in, I said, "Is that her???"
I can't even begin to describe how little she is. She's lucky if she weighs 12 lbs. Honestly, she looks like one of those babies you see on tv... like the Feed The Children program. I am not trying to be funny. Really, it's a bit stressful. I am afraid I am going to hurt her.
They told me to give her water before I give her a bottle. I am afraid that's the problem. Any advise? Don't you think she'd get filled up on the water and then not want to formula??
She won't take a bottle from us yet. This does not surprise me- part of the adjustment.

I should tell you the positive things... I am just completely in awe of how tiny she is.
She is beautiful! Just gorgeous! She didn't cry at all when they gave her to us. As a matter of fact, she laughed, smiled, talked and played. When we got back to the hotel, of course I tried to feed her first. But, then she just played and played and played.
Then, all of a sudden, she looked around. Her lip puckered and she wailed for the next 15 minutes. So sad!
SHe cried herself to sleep. She has had lots of changes. She had to go back to the orphanage (about 1 week ago) after leaving her foster mom. Then, she was in the car for 3 1/2 hours to get here.
She is still sleeping now. I am not sure how long I should let her sleep. We'll never get to bed tonight:-) This is what I asked for! I am ok with it! We have her!!!


Tony and Rett said...

Congratulations on your first family birthday with Emme.

She has grown and changed with the love you've given!

You're a perfect match for her!!!

Jenney said...

She has grown so much! I'm glad she likes you more now too :o)

Gina said...

Well even though she is still so so tiny, she looks HUGE now compared to when you first got here so that's great! I can't believe it's been a year since you were in China. But in some ways it seems like you've had Emme forever. So weird. Happy Emme Day! Love ya!

Sharla said...

Happy One Year!! Such a blessing to see how far she's come in a year!! God is good!!