Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Lady with the BMW

Because I always have a story........

Late Sunday afternoon I went to the grocery store. As I was unloading my cart in the parking lot, I hear from the other side of my van, "Excuse me?" I see this older, sophisticated looking woman walking from her car, which was parked beside my van.

I was like, "Oh brother! She better not tell me I parked too close to her because how does she know that I wasn't here first!" I was all ranting and raving inside.

I was ready to defend my parking.... for all the moms who drive mini-vans. Darn it!

Instead I hear, "I know this is kind of strange but I have some boxes of food in my car. I am moving and Goodwill wouldn't take the boxes. I don't feel like trying to find a place to drop them. Nothing has been opened and none of it is expired. Would you like to have it?"

So I said, "Listen here old lady! Just because you drive a BMW doesn't mean you can start..."

Ok, ok. You know I didn't say any of that. As a matter of fact, even if she had started yelling at me for something, I probably would have just cried. I like to act like I am all tough, but really, I'm like a big.... um, don't really want to be a 'big' anything.... Let's just say, I don't like to do anything wrong and I cry easily if someone tries to tell me I did and almost especially if some one yells at me.

I really said, "Sure! Thanks!"

She brings the boxes over and says, "There are some Meijer gift cards in there. You can have those also."

4- $10 gift cards

The weird thing... there was almost nothing in those boxes we wouldn't use.

I should have asked to see her wings:-)
Yea God!!


Liz said...

April-- I've decided that since I can't have a "giving angel" - what's her name? Hennesey?! I'm just going to be the "giving angel" to our youth pastor and his wife - well.... really to their newborn baby!!! :-)
But this cracks me up because now you have complete strangers giving you things - but honestly I'm so excited for you and glad that you are able to use all the things that were given to you! :-)
Haven't seen you in a while - hope you are doing well!

Sharla said...

Cool Story!! God...our Great Provider!!

Hey...my word verification is 'pales'...Everything pales in comparison to Him!


Tony and Rett said...

WOW! What a great story!!! Maybe I should get a mini-van...naaah, I'll stick to my Jeep!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

I'm telln' ya what, this is AMAZING and there are no better stories to share with others than those that point to God our Father blessing His children. LOVE IT!!!