Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Good Day

Today is a good day!  

Shelby's wounds look 100% better than last week!  It does not look like skin grafts will be necessary.

Nina is home and will probably heal before Shelby!

I scored 1260 on Crackwords... I mean Pathwords.  And, I am never playing again.

The Biggest Loser is on tonight!  Why do I love Bob Harp*er?  Do you think it's wrong that I want to marry him in the event something would happen to Paul??  And, do you think he would ever marry a woman?  Everyone is so mean and they always say he plays for the other team.

And, 2 hours of American Idol??  Are you kidding!  This night is a reality tv addicts dream!  And, why do I love, love, love Norman Gentle??  There may be a theme going on here.  And, Tatiana.... does anyone else want to smack her?  Why does she have to be so annoying?  And, why can she sing??  This is a question for God.   I mean where's the justice??  If I sing, dogs start howling.  I think I am much less annoying than Tatiana!


Darja said...

"this is a question for god" - haha that made me laugh very hard.

and bob totally wants you. i see the way he looks at you when you do the cardio blast video. who do you think he's talking to when he says: 'repeat it over and over again "i love bob. i love bob" '

TCKK said...

Too funny! By the way, I love your family photo at the top of the page with all the Ohio stuff!! Somehow, I missed you were from Ohio. So am I. Great state isn't it?

Amy said...

first i found your blog one day a very long time ago. i was hooked because we tried to lock Mylei's file about 5 minutes after you. so i wanted to follow her journey to her forever family. not exactly how we thought the story would unfold. but you clearly got your daughter and what a cutie she is.

glad to hear that there is no need or a skin graft, yea.

poor, poor Shanon, though i love seeing how much she lost. girl looks good.


Gina said...

Yay for Shelby! I'm so happy for you!

Bob is most definitely playing for the other team. So is Jillian.

Norman Gentle? Are you KIDDING me? I mean the guy can sing but that "character" is not what the competition is about at all! Why do you always like the people that I don't like?? =)

Tatiana is the most annoying person I have ever seen in my entire life. Didn't some of the people do SO badly last night? I was really embarrassed at a few points! Can't wait to see who gets through tonight!

Susan said...

Glad to hear about Shelby's good progress!

I like Norman too! He can sing! I think that they put Tatiana through just so we can all dislike her. She is SO ANNOYING.

Darja's comments cracked me up!

Love you! Susan

gnangle04 said...

I AM seeing a pattern here. But now that I'm doing BL workouts and watching the show, I get the Bob thing, even though I still think he prefers the male species. Just don't start talking about wanting to marry Norman Gentle, that may not go over so well.

Abby said...

Ah, a kitchen aid mixer is nearly as sexy as Bob Harper. And yes, I hate to be the one telling you to pick up the "clue phone" but Bob is definitely loving boys. And...well, I'm kinda wondering if the boy category also includes Jillian. She is beastly.
I'm with ya; why is that I get so giddy for Tuesday nights, because I know it means I get to watch Biggest Loser and swap to American Idol during commericials?! I am a dork.
Okay, so Tatiana is sychozophrenic. But do you know who I dislike/d more than her? JOELLE from the biggest loser. She made me growl, audibly.
Ps-MUCH MORE important is that I am glad Shelby is healing!