Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hospital Day #3

Day #3 in the hospital... is hopefully our last full day in the hospital.

Shelby had a pretty good day today.  Although, when I arrived at the hospital this afternoon (yes, afternoon... story in a moment), she told me Day 3 was called The Wall.  She said it was her worst day yet.  Where does she come up with things like... Day 3 is The Wall??

She said it was her worst day, but she sure seemed to perk up when I got there.  She just needed her mama:-)

I think she looks better today.  I was not about to leave my house without the makeup remover to remove her "football" makeup.  So, I got her all cleaned up.   And, then, 20 minutes later, she looked like a Smurf.  Well, that may be a slight exaggeration.  She did have very blue lips and a blue mustache.  This hospital floor has a slushie machine.  Is that like a dream come true or what?  Well, maybe if you didn't have 2nd degree burns all over your body.  

Anyway, she drank lots of the blue slushie so she could get her IV out.  Yea, the IV is out!

The staff here recommended we stay one more night.  She will get some of her bandages changed tomorrow morning, some won't be changed for another week.  Then we will come back, probably Saturday, to have them changed again .

She needs to eat more.  They want her eating 3000 calories a day.  I wish someone would tell me to eat 3000 calories a day.  I think she's been eating like 500 calories and I have been eating the other 2500 for her.  I guess her body is working overtime so the extra calories are for healing.  

So, aside from still being really sore, she is doing well.  I think she is a little sad.  We are going to have to cancel a trip we had planned next week to an indoor waterpark.  We have been counting down for a least a month now.  We were going with another family.  They don't want to go without us, so now we have 6 disappointed kids.  She also said, "What am I going to do all the time at home?"  Me, wanting to lift her spirits and give her something to get excited about said, "Schoolwork?!"  Much to my surprise, she said, "That's fine with me.  I actually won't mind it.  I kinda miss it."  Poor thing!  I think she is bored and sick of laying and watching TV.

So, onto why I didn't arrive at the hospital until this afternoon.  Well, little Miss Emme decided Shelby was getting way too much medical attention, so she decided to get some more strep bumps on her legs and hand.  I'm not a rocket scientist or a medical doctor, (in case you were wondering), but I am thinking that strep on one child's skin and giant open burn wounds on another child's body is... remedy for disaster.  So, keeping in tune with our apparent unchosen theme for 2009- LET'S SEE HOW MUCH MONEY WE CAN RACK UP IN MEDICAL BILLS- we headed to the doctor for Emme.  The good new is, she gained 3 ounces in 5 days.  I really think that at the last appointment, she would have gained more if she hadn't pooped her guts out from the antibiotic that was fighting the strep.  The doctor was excited, I could tell about the weight gain, so she chose a topical antibiotic so we could avoid the poop machine.  The sores/bumps were also not near as severe as last time.

Now, onto some pictures.  Sorry, there will be no pics of Shelby with her blue lips and mustache.  She's been through enough.  Instead, Emme will be our focus.

     This is how Emme had to eat lunch one day last week.  I think she thinks I am a messy feeder or something.  See the food all over the side of her mouth?  She doesn't want it in her eyes.  Who could blame her?

     Here is Emme at the lab waiting to be called so they could poke her 5 times and blow a vein trying to fill a tube full of her blood.  She was much happier on this horse... I can tell you that!
    Then, she moved on to the boat.  Apparently, she didn't want to sit on the seat.  Instead, she sat on the floor, where her feet should have gone.  Hey, whatever floats her boat!  Haha!  Get it!  I wasn't even trying to do that!:-)

     Signing off from, hopefully the last night in the hospital....


Chubby Baby Designs said...

Soooo glad to hear the fever must be gone! Answer to prayer! We've all been thinking about her and praying for her all day.
I'm telln' ya, that pic of Emme with the swin goggles cracked me up...she's ready for the pool, definately an Isaac!

Sharla said...

I'm so glad she's doing better!! She is such a trooper and even ready to go back to schoolwork!!

Emme is so adorable and she looks like she is beginning to gain weight, her cheeks look fuller.

Can't wait to hear your home...


Rachael said...

Well, it sounds as if the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter for the Isaacs family. So glad to hear Shelby is feeling better, Emme gained weight, and you sound as if you have your spirits have been lifted as well. Some of us would like to bring you meals if you don't already have someone organizing them. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful webpage...I'm Regina a nurse from Texas and received your email from a line of people who care about Shelby and your family even though we don't know each other. I have forwarded on your prayer request to some awesome prayer warriors. I'm very excited to read that sweet Shelby is improving and will get to go home soon. Lots of hugs and love- Keep Moving Forward!

Be Blessed.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

It is truly amazing to me that during the midst of it all that
you have NEVER lost you sense of humor! You are my inspiration!
I am so happy that the light is emerging for your dear babes! continued prayers.......