Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not the BEST day #2

If you missed the post from yesterday, you may want to scroll down and read it.

Here is a picture of my little trooper.  She still has her game face on... she played in the Superbowl:-) Or, at least she was pretending... or something!   She dances to her own music.  I didn't give her  two black eyes along with the second degree burns.

And, because I can never write seriously for two posts in a row....

Shelby's friend, Rachel, came to visit her at the hospital last night.  As she was sitting and looking at the room, she read a sign on the paper towel dispenser.  This is how she read it:

Please do not put paper towels or wash CLOTHES in the toilet.

She screamed, "Wash your clothes.... IN THE TOILET!!  Ewww!!  Who would do that??  You know someone has done that or they wouldn't put a sign like that up!"

We were all cracking up!

Later that night, I was so disappointed, upon closer inspection, to read that it did not say CLOTHES, it said cloths.  
Shelby has had an OK day.  She threw up pretty soon after waking up.  I am not really sure why. She went a long time without pain meds, probably too long.  She had them at 10 pm last night and then not again until about 8am this morning.  

About 10 am, she went back to the treatment room to have the mass injury washed, new blisters popped by the washing, pictures taken, and new bandages put on.  Again, she was a trooper, but I know it hurt so bad.

She was squeezing tears out the sides of her eyes and saying, "I wish I could be stronger."  

Bless her heart.  She was trying so hard not to cry.  I told her to cry.

And, just one more testimony of how great Shelby is... the nurses were fighting over who was going to take care of her today.  As a rule of thumb, the nursing staff is rotated daily.  I am sure this is to take the stress off caring for a difficult patient.  However, they are also allowed to sign up for patients that they particularly like.  Shelby's 2nd nurse, went to sign up for her and her first nurse had already beat her to the punch.  So, nurse #2 just came in to visit a few times today.

One more thing, if you are praying for Shelby, please pray for the middle child too.  I guess she is no longer middle.  What do you call them when there are 4 of them??  Anyway, Gracie, is a nervous little hen.  She is a mirror image of me.  And, I hate watching it.  I was always nervous growing up.  Worried about everything etc...  She is the same way.  Neither of us had very stressful homes, so it must just be our personalities.  She was so upset about Shelby yesterday that she had a stomachache all day.  She called me 100 times until I came home to get her.  She walked around talking about how much she loved Shelby and how she wished Shelby were home to boss her around.

Then, this morning, she was nervous and had a stomachache.  So, she didn't eat, but drank a lot of water.  She threw up on the way to the hospital this morning with Paul.

Wow!  When it rains, it pours.

I haven't even posted about Emme needing to see an endocrinologist because of some blood work that came back suspect.



Rachael said...

Well, I am crying again. Can you please tell Shelby to be a little rotten for me?? Seriously, her sweetness mixed with the realization of the pain she is in is killing me. Not that it would be any easier to see her in pain if she were rotten, but I cry at Hallmark commercials so the sweetness is killing me too. :) Let me know where you are tomorrow. We would like to come see her if she/you are up for it.

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

Your poor, poor babies..I will pray for the all of them!
They are just the sweetest!
I am especially praying the pain eases up for your little Shelby..

Sharla said...

Oh, I had so hoped she would get to go home today... I so wish I lived close by so I could bring you a meal and a hug and just hang out with you and your amazing Shelby!

Praying that tomorrow will be better and that she'll wake to find that she's much better and can go home!!



Megan said...

praying for Miss Shelby!!! And that you would not feel guilty and that Gracie can relax and for Emme to eat and I suppose Paul and Jackson could use some prayers too.... just dealing with all the women in their lives! :o) I hope that tomorrow will bring good news!
Megan (and Mark)

darja said...

how did i not see this until just now? this one made me cry too!
i want to sign up to be her nurse too!!!

Anonymous said...

April... I am praying for you and your babes... You've got a heavy load right now...

"Come to me all who are weary and heavy ladened and I will give you rest..."

Praying for your peace...

gnangle04 said...

You are all a great testimony.... you've been through seriously rough times and never recoil. You are all very loved and admired.
How I hope Shelby can come home today!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

My girls were pretty overwhelmed seeing their friend in a hospital bed, but I know Shelby's testimony of strength and courage will stay will them for a very long time.
Tell her we love her dearly and are constantly praying for her. The girls' classes are praying for her at school too!

Tracy said...

Hey April, does Shelby like peanut butter? I have a really healthy protein bar recipe from Shaklee. We know a little girl who got burned badly last fall, and were told a high protein diet would help with healing. If you are interested, I would gladly mix up a batch and bring it to you- you all are still in Dayton, aren't you? You can write back on my face book page, or get my email from there.
Tracy Geaslen

Pumpkin Head Baby Co said...

The kids & I prayed for Shelby last night at bedtime. We will be sure to add Gracie to our prayers tonight. I live close to the hospital so if you need ANYTHING do not hesitate to ask. I can be there in 5 minutes.

Amy said...

Longtime lurker, here...
Bless your heart! A similar thing happened to my son when he was 11 months old. Except it was grandma who had the mug off hot chocolate that he pulled over on himself. Thankfully he was wearing a diaper and had a cast on his arm (it was broken), so only his thigh and tummy had 2nd degree burns. The ER sent us home. I can't imagine the pain that Shelby (and you) are going through. I am praying for your family!

Gina said...

2 days in a row of tears! This blog is getting serious! Tell Shelby we are so proud of her and we love her. And you should give Gracie all those verses that you gave me about being anxious. Type them all out and she can read them to herself when she's worrying. Poor little thing.

praying for you guys!

Pam said...

Poor Shelby. We're praying for her and all of you. She sounds like a very special girl.

Love, Pam

Claire said...

Yup, I am crying! I feel really bad! She is my best best best friend and I should be with her at all times and it hurts to think that she is not next door and I can't just call her on the phone and say "Hey Shelby Can you come over"!!! Instead of that she is sitting in a hospital bed Ask the Lord please please help me (I know he is). I have been praying for Shelby and everybody! Just Remember Lord is with you and he always will be.

Love You All
-Claire :)

Jenney said...

April, if there is anything I can do, like fix you guys a meal or anything, please e-mail me and let me know. We are praying for Shelby.