Friday, February 6, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

     We're home!  And, this is going to be a quick post because I am so tired from the week.  Plus, we have had lots of visitors today and if we didn't have visitors, the phone was ringing.  But, you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way.  The alternative is that no one cares.  I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am for our friends and family.  We have had so many messages of people praying for us and believe me, I can tell.  Shelby has been showered with gifts and our family has been blessed with meals.  We feel so loved!  Thank you!

     Shelby has come a long way in a day.  She's walking better.  She can get in and out of bed on her own.  She is eating better, although, it's not much,  but it's better.  Her spirits seem a bit better.

     Bless her heart, yesterday, through tears, she said, "I think I know why this happened to me.  I think I needed to be a better sister.  Sometimes I am mean to Gracie."  While I wouldn't wish this on anyone, she could stand to be a bit nicer to Gracie.  Gracie worships the ground she walks on.  Sometimes, we all have to learn lessons the hard way.  I am just thankful she is willing to learn the lessons.

     One last thing, today, when a friend was over  I was mentioning that all I had been doing today was wiping butts. (The pain medication slows down bowel function.  So, I think it's been quite awhile since Shelby had a BM.  Today, she was making up for lost time. And, Emme's pipes are always working overtime.)  And, as Gracie was coloring and seemingly not paying attention, she went right on about her work but under her breath as she so often does, she had a side comment.  "I don't know why she can't wipe her own butt.  Her hand's not broken!" 


Sharla said...

So glad you're home! Wish I were close by to bring you a meal... Shelby is an amazing young woman!

Hope you're able to get some rest this weekend!!


laranou said...

Glad to know that you are home. Still praying for the whole family.


Global Girl said...

Take care!

Chubby Baby Designs said...

Had to laugh as I *just* got done cleaning poop off the bathroom floor after it fell out of Clayton's pantleg! I was saying the same words today "I'm sick of all the poop!!"
I'll be reading this to my girls, who hopefully will hear Shelby's words about being a better sister.
Enjoy your weekend!

Gina said...

I love Gracie. She's hilarious. Still praying for you and Shelby. Love ya

Claire said...

Yea I had to have a chuckle!!! Ha Ha She is some what nice to Gracie! Well most of the time she is nice. God Bless and I love you all.

-Claire :)

Rebekah (Christman) Kline said...

I'm still praying for precious Shelby. God is SO GOOD!

Tasha said...

April! I'm so glad Paul sent out the link to you blog! I can't BELIEVE how HUGE the kids are!! OH MY! The girls look mostly the same, just bigger, but I didn't even recognize Jackson!

oh, and I meant to send this is Paul the other day but I haven't made the time...I guess now would be as good as any...the day I received Paul's prayer request about Shelby I immediately started praying and God blessed me with a vision that I think Shelby should know: I vividly saw an angel (he was a very tall, stowic male) standing at the foot of her hospital hed. He was clad in armor and had a sword strapped to his back. He wasn't acknowledging Shelby's presence (or anyone else's) because his sole job was to protect her.

He was on gaurd for your baby girl.

I pray that you will sense his presence even now and know that more than ever, Shelby is in the presence of Heavenly Saints.

I know its been years since we've seen one another but I don't know if you will ever fully know the impact you and Paul had on me during the summer program of 05. I'm praying for you guys and even if Shelby doesn't remember me, would you give her a hug on my behalf?

Kim Havenstein said...

Blast from the past, huh?
When we got Paul's email that Shelby had suffered burns, I had to read to see how you are doing. We were so sorry to hear about the accident, but so glad to read how you all are doing. You are a talented writer. We praise God for his grace in all this. Thanks for posting. It's nice to be able to read from afar (Nebraska). We think of you often....especially as we train young staff here and think of how we used to meet with you guys at the Jarvi's house! Hope our paths cross again sometime.
In Him,

The Gang's Momma said...

Wow, I just found you again. I had forgotten that you were starting a new blog and when I was cleaning out my Reader today (instead of cooking dinner and packing for our weekend away like I should be!) I came across the last post of your old blog. What a dork I am.

I've often wondered how you were and what was going on. Looks like I've got some catching up to do. Glad to hear your daughter is okay. You must have been so scared, both of you!

Can't wait to go back and read what else you've been up to since November :)