Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, so sorry about the delay in finishing my story.

Because when it rains it pours.....I broke one of my teeth this week.  I didn't even know until I was eating something hot... trying to enjoy a nice dinner out with Paul. When all of a sudden this searing pain around my tooth made me want to run through a brick wall.  Therefore, I found it necessary to let the dentist torture me this afternoon for a couple of hours while he put a temporary crown on. Temporary?  Are you kidding me!!  I don't know what he was doing to my tooth today but I am pretty sure I would have enjoyed a barbed-wire enema more.

Then, to further complicate matters, my van doesn't want to run.  So, I have been stranded a couple of times this week.  The van went to the doctor this afternoon.

Does anyone want my address so you can send cash donations?  Just let me know if you do.


Nicole's Mom said...

I can sent you my out of work mechanic. We live on the other side of Ohio. Between Akron and Youngstown.

TCKK said...

"I am pretty sure I would have enjoyed a barbed-wire enema more."

I know I shouldn't laugh and I'm not laughing at what you went through, but this just cracked me up. I mean I'm laughing out loud!!

Darja said...

if anyone contacts you about cash donations, and it's too much money for you to know what to do with, feel free to refer them to the very poor intern who lives with you and works, full time, for free!!! until then, i'll keep religiously checking PW to make sure i don't miss any more giveaways.

Darja said...

ps did you see the pictures of emme i posted on my blog?

Great Lakes Navs said...

Hey, April!

How's Emme doing?